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September 29, 2008

eggroll madness


eggroll ingredients

we made a stop at the grocery store when kat announced, "I am going to make EGG ROLLS!".

puzzled, I replied, "but you don't like egg rolls..."  she twisted her face a bit and paused while looking somewhere above my head.  she finally concluded, "that's true". 

so goes the mystery of women. 

they were delicious and we had an eggroll feast.

virtual beer

he is topping off her viognier with a virtual 40 oz.


then he took a slug himself.  is it OK for a 5 yo to have virtual malt beverage?

enjoying an evening in the screened room.


caught a lizzard on a walk around the neighborhood.

neighbor girls spent the day here while their dad enjoyed ACL.  we didn't attempt doing acl this year since the chunk would be too much to handle at a festival.  we can hear the drumming from zilker park inside our bedroom.  saturday had 65k people at acl and 60k football fans at the UT game just up the street.  austin was packed.

emergency kit


  • knife
  • russet
  • growler


we sold our teardrop camper and our 1970 airstream safari.  we have a camping trip scheduled so I drug our 1968 overlander to the local airstream service center.  we are going to throw $ at it till it's ready to serve as MobileModHouse.  pic above shows NEW water heater and also rebuilding of the brakes and bearings being repacked and resealed.  the pic below shows all the old copper plumbing they have removed.  it's being replaced with PEX and all new fixtures.

we attended the tri-marquee concourse event this weekend.  nice to see so many shiny vintage german cars getting some well deserved attention.

bmw cs coupe

pair of nice cs coupes


e24 m6

bmw e30 m3

there were several beautiful bmw e30 M3

bmw 1600

this is what the vintage bmw guys call a "round tail"

pimp'd e30

this is a "pimp my ride" style e30.  it even has a LCD monitor in the trunk lid.


1958 bmw isetta got 63 mpg.  it was ahead of it's time.  rumor mill has it that bmw is considering to make a modern version.

audi quattro

a friend of mine back in high school had an audi quattro,  although his didn't have so many bosch driving lights on the front.

audi r8

this audi r8 is 15% lamborghini.  looks better in person that in the pics I've seen (think of a front end that looks like an egg slicer)

and this week I am very excited to be seeing jonathan richman.  this weekend we had a film crew stop by on a location scout.  I had Jonathan playing and one member of the crew asked, "isn't that the guy from There's something about Mary?"  I

I explained "that is the movie with Jonathan Richman".


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September 21, 2008

tadpoles returned and a dude goes PURE

tadpole returns

returning the snails and tadpoles to their pool.  I'm going to do some work on the upper koi pond next.  I like how we can see the chunk inside watching from his bumbo (top left)

handfull of snails

we have bunches of big snails.  we won't go hungry if the recession worsens.  (the purple mark on my wrist is an indication that I am old enough to purchase beer at emo's, from the night before)

LOTS of snails.  we just need some garlic, butter, white wine and a bit of salt.

escargot racers

the snails quickly raced all over leaving snail trails.  marvin was intrigued.

the kindergarten brain

kindergarten anatomy

happiest baby

happiest baby ever. (sorry for the quality from here down, iphone pics)

air guitar

kat has been talking about going back to NXNW to get a growler for over a year.  and now it is done.  they had some live music there as well.  the boys got all worked up; air guitar above.

rock poses

the girls don't have to work so hard to get attention.  they remained cool and composed.

beatiumous growlerness

this has got to be the fanciest growler I've ever seen.  it's contents are pretty good too.

this friday night was the silver jews at emo's show I have been so excited about.  turns out I was not alone.  the place was PACKED tight.  the show was great even though they didn't even hit the stage till almost 1 AM.  we spent some time walking up and down sixth st. 

we went into PURE ULTRA LOUNGE.  I somehow passed the dress code and enjoyed $2 beers but suffered from bad dance music.  the interior is impressive.  the first floor surely did remind me of the korova milk bar. 

bartender was very curious as to why we would be taking pictures of this dirty hippie drinking a newcastle in PURE.

then, this group of guys wearing polyester suits and wigs arrived.  they all shared one inflatable date.

 dude and his doll

this guy (above) was worried that I would post this on myspace.  he later decided it would be OK since nobody would recognize him with that wig.

she allowed the boys to do body shots (below).  can you find the shot glass?

body shot




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September 19, 2008

do fish like glass tile?

this is the 8mm (double thickness) glass mosaic tile; $8.88 a sq ft from ebay.  do you think the fish will like it?

tile guy

the "tile guy" at work

back when we had all the bathrooms tiled here at AustinModHouse, I had selected a gray grout.  our professional tile guy asked me why I wanted grey.  he assured me I was wrong and that white was the correct grout choice.  I now believe I should have stuck to my first choice.  the white grout shows up too bright and takes away from the color and depth of the tile.  I see the grout as a grid with the white grout.

  I used gray grout for the koi pond and I think it looks fantastic.  will seal the grout tomorrow and should be able to replace the water, tadpoles, snails and mussels by tomorrow eve.


he has teeth.

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September 15, 2008

ike didn't show for his party



little caterpillar are appearing all over the milkweed.  fall weather has started to come around in greater regularity.


ready to graduate from the AMH tadpole pool.

back pack


front pack


kat's explanation

pretty girls at my table

pass the baby

hurrucane Ike

we had a few friends over to watch the wind from Ike.  but Ike never came.

green globe

we love the interior mexican food at azul tequila.  they have a happy hour on saturday!  two of these for the price of one.  we went next door to target afterward.  the margarita lube was helpful in taking the edge off a shopping trip.  we all found something we couldn't live without.


the little dude's sope happiness

they like the sopes de pollo

hulk hands

the boys played while the girls spent their time in the dressing room. 

sunday we hiked, swam and kat made hot and sour soup.

 mt bonnell

I don't know who that girl is behind me.  she doesn't seem to be too thrilled with her proximity me.  hiked up mount bonnell.


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September 12, 2008

ike comes to town

I've often joked that our house is "hurricane proof".  we get to test that tonight.   

sun shade and agnel trumpeter in place

removed for ike



ready for ike

tadpole and snail city

life in the lower pond was getting crowded.  it was still loosing water.  the top pond level has remained constant.  it was time to relocate the life to attempt some repair and apply some glass tile.

butterfly magnet

she was unhappy about being asked to get in there with all the fish turds to rescue the tadpoles, snails and dragonfly larvae.  I explained that left to my own devices, I would likely just use the shop vac.  the result would be a great loss of life.  she stepped up to the pond and we both got to work.  then, a monarch butterfly came down and fluttered around her.  she has that sort of magic.

monarch butterfly at austinmodhouse

"LOOK! it's laying eggs.  I can tell by the way she is moving her abdomen to the milkweed!" she was happy.

we saved every last tadpole, snail and mussel.  I might have sent a few dragonfly larvae to an early end through the shop vac when sucking up the last bit of bottom muck.

I built a box to protect the projector from flying debris.  OK, it's really a hushbox in progress.

westlake class of 2021

he came home with this shirt.  attached was a pledge form asking to donate $ to the Eanes Education Fund.  a good bit of the education he receives is a product from all the community involvement.  millions of the local tax dollars go to other schools so the local organizations raise private $ to pay for extra teachers and classroom computers.  still, it felt like that mail you get from some non-profit where they send you a pack of return address stickers you didn't ask for and then hit you up for a donation.  westlake high school is ranked #52 in the nation.  the US has 27,468 high schools so that puts westlake in the top....  I didn't graduate from westlake so I'll not attemt the exact #, let's just say top 1%.  anyhow, it seems like they do good work so I guess we'll eventually have to bake some cupcakes for a bake sale and contribute.


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September 07, 2008

free beer saturday


she inhereted the itouch and we saw her look up about three times in the first hour.  and then she tried to explain to the people I had been talking to how I was addicted to my iphone.

full service reggae

had a white boy reggae band.  they were rockin' too hard to notice their signage was down.  they were FULL SERVICE

free beer


met some new friends.  one was from nepal and others were also from CA.  obligatory topic of conversation for folks from CA is the lack of a trader joes in texas.  we learned that two buck chuck is now three buck chuck

we also ran into some old friends.  maybe you remember tony from PAUL GOES RANCH STYLE

yard bird in the car

she likes chicken.

stopped in to woodrow's and found they don't serve food.

the dude abides

what makes up a redbull

she tried a redbull at wahoos.  their fish tacos were good and just $1.99 is the normal price.

data aggregation

then to the bay 6 gallery to see new works by susannah blanton and music by the mediums.

they also had free beer.  from one of our favorite brewpubs too!  nxnw

the artwork above is by our friend sharon.  kat donated the old large style floppy discs that are now  encased in encaustic.  last night we donated a potato masher and some other old silverwear we found in an airstream.  that stuff has been riding around in the trunk so I was glad to finally get it out.  it made such a racket every time I made a sharp turn.  I'm sure sharon will find some new purpose for them.


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September 04, 2008

MHM ready to visit the airstream plumber man

68 overlander MHM

all hooked up to the truck and ready to roll to the airstream plumber man in the morning.  I got the window tint out and did a horrible job.  but, they are tinted.  good enough for now. 

new laminate on this side as well.

gave the bedroom counter a new stainless steel top.

kick out the jams

we replaced all four speakers with some much nicer JBL ones.  I have ordered some vintage fender amplifier fabric to cover them.  the replacement will be gray/black/silver instead of the current brown/darker brown/gold offering.

made a box for the new head unit.  it's open at the back so it doesn't trap heat.  since the 12v here is always on, I installed this switch I salvaged from a 80's bmw 320is.  this simulates it going to sleep when you turn the ignition swith off in your car.  without this it would always be on.  I also installed a 12v accessory power point on the side.  this is where I will plug in my iphone/ipod car charger.

I've installed the pandora app on my iphone, it's also available for home computer users, powered by The Music Genome Project®.  I LOVE IT!  you create an account and give it a few artists you like.  then set it to play.  it selects tracks from your list and also inserts others you might like based on what you have selected.  most of the time it is right on, played a bunch of other bands I do like but did not enter (I only entered about five or so).  if it plays a song you don't like, just press the thumbs down button.  the song stops right there and will not be played again.  you can also tag new music that you like to download later.  since I can stream internet over my iphone, my station is always with me. 

 stuck in the bumbo again

patiently waiting for his brother and sister to come home.


they ride the bus home.  school is very near and they are often the first stop off the bus.  it had become a complete waste of gasoline for me to que up with the other mothers in line to pick up kids from school.  often the bus followed us home anyhow.


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September 02, 2008

still alive, and I got cake

we finished portal, I got cake (quickly pulled iphone from pocket and snapped a pic of my cake)

portal cake is served

victory cake

daughter took a pic of me and my reward.  she had to run back into the room because the last scene from Portal was too scary.  she doesn't like any task that is timed and that final ball made mean sounds.  unlike all previous portal devices that had spoken sweetly with all sorts of humorous tidbits, like cake recipes.

then after the cake, came this song; still alive; another great reward!  we ran to the home media computer in the kitchen and sure enough it was on youtube.  and it seemed many other people shared our affection for the song as well.  many have uploaded their own versions.  some with accousitc guitar and others even went for a techno approach that didn't really work, we really liked the japanese version

baja fish taco

monday night is $1.99 fish taco night at berryhill baja grill don't click that link if you are bothered by websites that auto load their music.  I really really dislike that.  we often use the mini mac that lives near the kitchen for web surfing as well as house media server.  and since the music it sends out through the house is via itunes, we use the volume control on itunes, so when a site loads and starts it's music, it is MUCH louder since it's playing at FULL volume.

fishy fishy in the brook

these fish tacos are huge and very tasty.  two are enough to completely fill an average adult.  how can they even break even when I can feed my family on less than $13 (excluding tip).  I can't make dinner for that little bit of $ and then we have no dishes to do.  the place is very near us so monday night is an easy fish taco decision for us.  I'm not claiming to be a baja fish taco expert, BUT, a few years back we did make a xmas trip to the birth place of baja fish tacos, san felipe, baja, mexico (that was an interesting trip pics linked here)

san felipe baja mexico


another nice sunset

this weeks new musical selection is portastatic.  I don't know how this slipped by me for so many years.  I liked superchunk but managed to be completely unaware their lead singer had gone on to a great new project.  youtube selection here (are you sick of youtube links?)

and if you thought I was not still excited about the silver jews concert that is now just a few weeks away, you would be wrong, this week's lyrical installment below and a link to somebody out there who is likely as excited as I am.

“I wish they didn’t set mirrors behind a bar, because I can’t stand to look at my face when I don’t know where you are.”

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September 01, 2008

lost and found

lost and found at austinmodhouse

the lost and found department is growing.  this is just a recent sampling of items that have been left here.  miles, we have your other shoe.  marlo and audrey, we have a swim suit and some shorts.  emma, we have your life jacket.  ava, we have your tiny strawberry tart. max and cosmo, we still have your bag of toy trucks/cars.  ben, we have your bottle of wine.... er, I might be able to find a place for the wine. 

portal guide

check the cheats if you get lost.

his first playdate.  his toes found the toys.

bumbo fun

she is two and her legs fit in the bumbo.  I'm hoping the baby schuster will thin out as he adds length.  it'd be great if we can get year of use from the bumbo.  some girth from his thighs will need to be lost

reward whistle

his class was so good this first week of school they had a reward party on friday.  he came home with this "whistle-prize".  saturday I found him walking around outside blowing the whistle, picked up a rock he found. 


this is what the back yard looks like with the  blublockers I found.

happiness is one in each hand

found two beverages.  happy.

still double fisting

he found skeeters chomping at his legs.  we moved into the screen room.  she was still happy.

swim swim swim

kids found a way to beat the heat and the skeeters.

we lost the sun but it was a nice view.

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