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ike comes to town

I've often joked that our house is "hurricane proof".  we get to test that tonight.   

sun shade and agnel trumpeter in place

removed for ike



ready for ike

tadpole and snail city

life in the lower pond was getting crowded.  it was still loosing water.  the top pond level has remained constant.  it was time to relocate the life to attempt some repair and apply some glass tile.

butterfly magnet

she was unhappy about being asked to get in there with all the fish turds to rescue the tadpoles, snails and dragonfly larvae.  I explained that left to my own devices, I would likely just use the shop vac.  the result would be a great loss of life.  she stepped up to the pond and we both got to work.  then, a monarch butterfly came down and fluttered around her.  she has that sort of magic.

monarch butterfly at austinmodhouse

"LOOK! it's laying eggs.  I can tell by the way she is moving her abdomen to the milkweed!" she was happy.

we saved every last tadpole, snail and mussel.  I might have sent a few dragonfly larvae to an early end through the shop vac when sucking up the last bit of bottom muck.

I built a box to protect the projector from flying debris.  OK, it's really a hushbox in progress.

westlake class of 2021

he came home with this shirt.  attached was a pledge form asking to donate $ to the Eanes Education Fund.  a good bit of the education he receives is a product from all the community involvement.  millions of the local tax dollars go to other schools so the local organizations raise private $ to pay for extra teachers and classroom computers.  still, it felt like that mail you get from some non-profit where they send you a pack of return address stickers you didn't ask for and then hit you up for a donation.  westlake high school is ranked #52 in the nation.  the US has 27,468 high schools so that puts westlake in the top....  I didn't graduate from westlake so I'll not attemt the exact #, let's just say top 1%.  anyhow, it seems like they do good work so I guess we'll eventually have to bake some cupcakes for a bake sale and contribute.


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