August 15, 2017

Nebraska farm and cousin time stop

Our LAST stop before home to Austin, a quick stop at Nebraska.



beaver crossing  


nebraska soy bean crop 2017 




farm puppy nebraska  

farm puppy melts grumpiness 


Our soybeans are doing well.  

bmw off road in nebraska  

My Grandfather made that pond almost fifty years ago.  OK. time to head home to Austin TX.

nebraska farm rooster 

Stowe Gondola and the Von Trapp Lodge

Kat worked some of the time while in VT, it rained a few days, and some of our usual activities like biking and hiking were not a good option for everybody. On the last sunny day while Po Po was visiting, we splurged and rode the gondola up the mountain.


stowe gondola vermont 


stowe mountain vermont gondola summer 


stowe gondola summer 

stowe gondola ride vermont summer 


stowe gondola ride summer vt 

We had lunch at Trapp Family Lodge (the views from the lodge are SO much better than their new brewery down the hill).  

Von Trapplodge lunch view and beer 

I don't believe there is a more beautiful lunch spot in all of New England

von trapp tea and tap room view stowe 


We also found time for a quick tea service in East Hardwick.  

east hardwick vermont tea garden 

"HEY! I am QUEEN today!", while she didn't drink the tea, she did enjoy walking around the gardens at Perennial Pleasures.

August 14, 2017

Vermont Home Summer Goals

We did complete all our goals for the VT home this summer.

Hardwick House Vt 

The exterior paint is complete. 




All the Pink color is gone.


The stained PINK carpet is gone. The bright floral wallpaper is gone too!

hardwick vermont airbnb 



Ferry Crossing from Portland Maine to Yarmouth Nova Scotia

We enjoyed the ferry crossing. We had a big picnic on the boat and played board games. The high speed ocean ferry was operating on three of its four engines. The crossing took 6 and a half hours. We enjoyed the trip and caught a nice sunset.

portland maine ferry departure 

Goodbye USA.

cat ferry portland to yarmouth 


sunset from the cat ferry portland to yarmouth 

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

The Ferry from Portland lands in Yarmouth. We had rented a little cottage for a couple nights. I love being able to make dinner at home. We enjoyed the best meal of our trip in that little cottage, fresh local scallops seared in butter.

scallops in nova scotia seared in butter 

Yarmouth sort of feels like it's at the edge of the world. It was foggy during our stay.

yarmouth sandy beach low tide 


yarmouth ns 

Low tide allowed us to sift through the fog and walk on the muck.

yarmouth ns sandy beach  

low tide yarmouth sandy beach nova scotia 


yarmouth low tide sand beach 


yarmouth nova scotia 


yarmouth lighthouse nova scotia 






Digby, Nova Scotia and the Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy hosts the most extreme tides in the world.

bay of fundy boats in mud 


When the tide is out, the boats rest on the ocean floor. It's muddy at low tide. Local clam lovers may come walk around in the mud in search of dinner (below).

bay of fundy low tide clam digger nova scotia


Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia 


digby harbor nova scotia 


We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast that is perched high up on a cliff over the Bay of Fundy.

cliffside view digby nova scotia 


Each room has a private balcony to enjoy the view.  

cliffside balcony digby nova scotia 

panorama cliffside digby nov scotia 

(panorama view) 

cliffside bed and breakfast digby nova scotia 


sun set on the bay of fundy cliffside digby nova scotia 


It was a great place to watch the sun set over the bay.

bay of fundy sunset from cliffside digby nova scotia 


August 13, 2017

Malpeque Oysters from PEI, we went to get some fresh ones...

Back in Feb 2015, we found ourselves at Perla's, enjoying oysters on the patio. It was a beautiful winter day in Austin. The oysters were the best we'd ever had, we mused that we would some day visit Malpeque and consume them as close to the source as possible, the ultimate in freshness. We kicked the idea around a few years, and eventually cobbled together a route to make it a reality.

It looks a bit like this....

malpeque bay PEI 


malpeque boats pei 


cavendish beach pei 


malpeque boats pei


lobster traps pei malpeque 


tuna tail bones on a fish shack malpeque pei 


oyster barn malpeque pei cute shucker girl 

oyster barn malpeque pei 

fresh pei oysters malpeque oyster barn 

road trip to prince edward island PEI from austin texas  



That was one HUGE road trip. Not sure we will ever bite that much off again. We started in Austin with stops in Florida, North Carolina, Vermont, Quebec, Nova Scotia and PEI, with a stop in Saint John before heading home (via Nebraska). That was a lot of road travelled.



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