August 03, 2015

White Linen 2nd Street Distric Austin 2015

White Linen night Austin 2015

Kat and I enjoyed Texas wine, beer and food from restaurants in the 2nd street district area at the White Linen event.  

white linen night 2nd district austin 2015 

Yes, it was hot out...  

sunset 2nd street austin white linen 2015 

white linen austin 2nd 2015 finn and porter 

The ceviche from Finn and Porter was one of the best food offerings.  

white linen guys austin 2nd district  

TRACE at the W Hotel Happy Hour and Ice Cream Social

kat and I stopped by TRACE for HH before the White Linen Event.

TRACE Austin W Hotel  

We ran into Chef Nadine  and Will from the W Hotel at White Linen Night, they urged us to come back to try the new dinner at TRACE. We will surely do that soon.  

Happy Hour $5 Tito's cocktails 5-7 TRACE W Hotel  

#2 son complained that he's not been to the W Hotel in a long time and requested that we return, with him.

As luck would have it, the annual Ice Cream Social fund raiser was the very next day. We bought our school supplies for the coming school year and bought extra as donation to gain entry to the event. It's sort of an exchange program, spiral bound notebooks for gourmet ice cream treats.  

ice cream social TRACE W Hotel austin 2015 

There was an endless parade of delicious ice cream treats in exotic flavor combinations.  

ice cream social TRACE Austin W Hotel 

patio at W Hotel Austin  

W Hotel Pastry Chef Angel Begaye Ice Cream Social Trace 

Pastry Chef Angel Begaye.  

Ashley at Trace Austin W Hotel  

peanut butter and pretzel ice cream social trace w hotel  

Two favorites were the Peanut Butter and Pretzel (above) and the Churro (below). They were all good and we must've sampled at least ten varieties.  

churro ice cream social w hotel trace austin 2015 

We left, walked around Downtown and the 2nd street area to work off that ice cream, then returned for Dinner with the kids.

kids and Darth Vader at TRACE Austin W Hotel 

He was happy to be back at TRACE and to have a new book to enjoy on the patio. We were interested in that teardrop trailer parked on their patio. 

burnt ends mac and cheese trace HH w hotel austin  

The Burnt Ends Mac N Cheese was really good. "Burnt Ends" is a brisket reference.  

HH burger with deviled crab at TRACE Happy Hour W Hotel summer 2015

That Butcher Burger with jumbo lump crab was decadent.  

TRACE Happy Hour foods W Hotel Austin 

Crispy Market Vegetables (left) and Melted Goat Cheese with Gonzales Mushrooms. (peeking in to the right).

All foods were from the Happy Hour menu offered 5-7 daily. This was an extremely reasonably priced meal in a beautiful location with great service.  

Porter Ale House, again because I like it

We had a Groupon for Porter Ale House. I've been spending all my spare time shoveling dirt in the back yard. It's ripple digit hot outside so dirty outdoor work is not pretty or fun. 

I was happy to redeem this Groupon for another great meal at Porter (and I might've enjoyed a few beers).

porter ale house austin 

delicious fig appetizer, 

hot pork craklings at porter ale house summer 2015 

fresh made pork craklin's, served hot, still making popping sounds. 

fish and chips porter ale house sour beer bulb injection austin 

delicious fish and chips are served with a bulb injector filled with a Belgian Sour Beer.  

July 27, 2015

Wimberley River Report, end of July 2015

The Fischer Store RD Bridge is still down, hoping for a temporary bridge to be in place by the end of summer. The current route without the bridge is just under one hour and thirty minutes to our place on the Blanco.

blanco river fischer texas wimberley 

We drove down solely to soak in the Blanco. The water is flowing at a good rate and super clear.

schuster family  


bring cans to the river, not beer bottles 

The Red Cross is no longer handing out emergency food and drink at the end of our street. So I packed my own.

tubing the blanco july 2015 wimberley fischer store bridge 

The boys had fun racing their tubes down the Blanco.

tubing the blanco river july 2015 summer wimberley 

relaxing in the blanco river wimberley july 2015 

A big difference for our piece of the river, almost no shade. The large cypress trees on the other side had provided several shady spots in the river for afternoon soaking. Most of those were lost to the flood.  

levitating rock wimberley river 2015 

#1 son levitated a couple rocks over the river.  

levitating rocks in the blanco river 

underwater blanco river boy  

son #2 is ready to take his swimming skills to the underwater level.  

blanco river soak july 2015 

blanco river kick july 2015

fish in the blanco river july 2015 

Kat made a fish friend.  

blanco river rapids fischer wimberley 

Brugal Rum tasting at Freedmen's BBQ #RESPETO

We attended a Brugal Rum tasting event at Freedmen's

brugal tasting at freedmen's

brugal rum old fashiond freedmen 

They started us off with an Old Fashioned made with Brugal. 

brugal rum tasting austin 

A brief and informative tasting of their three varieties and various techniques and beliefs surrounding their product.  

brugal rum and cuban pulled pork at freedmen's austin bbq 

They treated us to some really good food from Freedmen. Then it was time to mix the cocktails. We each had our own bar set and an assortment of ingredients.  

making daquiri at freedmen's brugal rum tasting #respeto 

brugal rum #respeto shake  

Pour, Muddle, Shake, Strain and ... 

#respeto cheers brugal rum austin  


German Wine Tasting at Josephine House

josephine house austin tx jeffrey's

Some friends invited us to join them for a German wine tasting event at Josephine House. 

german wine at Josephine house austin  

They had around twenty five different wines for sampling. I didn't get to try them all, but I made a good effort.  

schnitzel at josephine house austin 

The food did not disappoint. There was plenty of it and all delicious.  

wine tasting at josephine house austin  

Josephine House was really nice, casual, cute, modern and fancy all at the same time. I'm looking forward to a return trip. 

July 20, 2015

last few days of cool summer breezes.

I got some outdoor work done before the real summer brain melting temperatures arrived, but make no mistake about it. The summer heat has arrived.

summer heat brain melt 

That's exactly what it looks like when the brain melts. The brain melting temps arrive mid July and stick around till early to mid September. This is when we should be in Vermont.

We are making the use of indoor spaces (air conditioning) 

summer school acc

The daughter is taking a college class. We wait for her in the student lounge.

Live music can also be found at indoor venues:


quiet company at winflow austin listening room 

Quiet Company played a great set at the Winflow Listening Room. The sound was perfect and the food was much improved over the last time we saw a show down there. Wonderful venue, great band, nice evening. 

mente clara with stephen blum austin central market music 

Stephen Blum sat in with our friends in Mente Clara 

I love that Central Market has a live music venue and café in their wonderful grocery store. It's been a while since we ate there. We do get the occasional pint and growler fill there.

The food was less than great. With all the fresh ingredients at hand and that beautiful kitchen, the food should be better. Kat and I split a pizza and a Caesar salad. The dressing clearly came from a jug and the pizza crust was sad. I know you can do better CM.  


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