September 29, 2014

Modern MCM style console stereo with Bluetooth

I used to make things... I'm getting back into the production habit. The first thing out of my shop...

Remember when listening to music was an activity? before mp3, and smartphones, and ipods... when you'd rush home from the record store with a new album to listen to it. to actually sit down, and listen to it beginning to end, looking at the album art and reading the lyrics or liner notes. JUST enjoying the music...

The family stereo was once a functional piece of furniture. I've always admired the 50's era (MCM) of console stereos. I have collected a few Telefunken brand console stereos, they have a beautiful form to go along with functionality. They serve that single activity, the pleasure of listening to music. But they were also good to look at.

So I made my own version....

superfunken console stereo austin 

The base is steel because nobody likes it when those wooden feet get wobbly. The blue tolex wrapped box at the bottom contains a punchy subwoofer. It makes no direct contact with the cabinet to help isolate phono rumble.

turntable console  

the middle section houses a turntable (phonograph) while the analog receiver, Bluetooth adapter and subwoofer amplifier live in the space between. I also included a USB plug so you can charge your smartphone.

modern vintage stereo console 

custom bluetooth adapter 

I made the Bluetooth adapter. Constructed from solid walnut with some vintage formica and aluminum, it's roughly the size of a deck of cards.  

superfunken telefunken console stereo 

Oh, and I'm really happy with the way it sounds.  

vintage stereo furniture 

The cabinet is made from three quarter inch hardwood ply and a lot of solid walnut.

Contact me if you'd like a listen...


just one more portrait for the literature class....

the daughter is finalizing her self image for the her literature class... I think it has to do with symbolism... I just take the pics. 

here is the final product that incorporates elements of her interests of music and art. 



and when she was done with that assignment, she made cinnamon rolls for her family... such a good girl.


Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza and the Jester King

about 20 minutes west of Austin, and you'll find some of that Hill Country magic, out in a field in the middle of nowhere... 

We grabbed a quick pizza (or two) at Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza

schuster family austin 


texas hill country kids run wild in the field 

a bunch of pole barns out in a field allows for ample room for kids to run and play. Kids were pitching washers, throwing balls, chasing each other, some girls were dancing...  temps were in the high 60's and it was a great evening to be outside.  

stanley's farmhouse pizza austin  

The pizza was really good. no complaints. Garlic knots were good too.  

jester king brewery austin  

then we walked to the next barn to find The Jester King

jester king and stanley's farmhouse pizza austin 

jester king tasting room and taps 

jester king austin sour beer  

We'd gone out to sample their new apricot sour beer (King Aurelian Lure ) that has been aged in oak casks and uses wild hill country yeasts... you just won't find any regular beers at the Jester King, they're all special in some way.  

Porter Ale House beer cheese fondue

porter ale house austin

We've been to Porter Ale House a couple times, brunch and dinner. It's an easy sort of place that doesn't require a great deal of thought. of course we all want to go there and they have something for everybody, easy and simple.

porter ale house beer cheese fondue 

The beer cheese fondue was a quick way to make the kids happy.  

porter ale house gastropub austin  

porter ale house gastropub austin fish and chips 

The Fish n Chips ($17) may not be cheap, but they sure are good. The bulb injector is filled with sour beer (instead of the traditional malt vinegar). It was fun and delicious.   

Veuve Clicquot Mail Truck at NO VA Austin

veuve clicqout austin no va 

When the pretty girls at the table next to you ask "would you like a glass of our Veuve Cliquot?", the correct response would be "YES! and THANK YOU!" 

veuve clicquot mail truck austin no va 

and then we joined the party with our new friends.  

veuve clicquot mail truck delivery austin no va 

veuve clicquot mail truck austin  

veuve clicquot mail truck austin no va 

it wasn't all just sitting around sipping fancy French Champagne, we participated in a sporting event as well, giant Veuve Jinga. 

veuve clicquot mail truck jinga austin 

veuve clicquot mail truck austin 

veuve clicquot mail truck party austin

OK. mostly it was all about the Veuve Clicquot and all the fabulous orange accoutrements. 

veuve clicquot no va 

I warned Kat of my intentions to leave with one of the orange buckets... if you don't ask, the answer is always "NO". 

veuve clicquot mail truck austin champagne bucket orange 

BINGO! I asked and there it is.  

I don't ALWAYS drink French Champagne, but when I do, I drink the one with bubbles in it. Thank you Veuve Clicquot and NO VA

September 18, 2014

Balvenie Rare Craft Collection and Master Tasting

We were invited to view a curated exhibit of hand crafted items, and participate in a Balvenie Scotch Whisky Master Tasting.

balvenie scotch austin 

balvenie austin tasting  

rob mcgowan and ben olson cabinet balvenie 

vivian beer chair balvenie 

scott baxendale guitar balvenie austin 

balvenie morgan car austin 

dudes on devices 

look at the back left, three dudes on their devices while the lady practices her patience... we've all been there, on both sides of that arrangement. 

balvenie master tasting austin scotch 

balvenie girls austin tasting 

enough of that, we ducked out for a very enjoyable and relaxing dinner at Second. 

second bar+kitchen congress austin 

September 15, 2014

A day in the life, the Daughter

The Daughter had a school assignment for the weekend, a minimum of seven pics of her doing things she likes, or identifies with. I happily put on my photographer hat. We made a list of activities, selected locations and a few different wardrobe changes...

drawing, the artist 

She enjoys drawing, mostly eyes... 


making crepes, 





Violin playing... 

guitar on the deck  

and guitar, 

salmon skewer hibachi

salmon skewer grilling,

singstar karaoke sony ps3 

singstar (karaoke game on PS3) singing...

hitchihiker;s guide w hotel austin library fireplace 

Hithchiker's Guide to the Galaxy reading by the W Hotel fireplace, and while we were there.... 

trace austin w hotel starwood 


She chose TRACE for a family meal out picture.  And it was good.... 

Arts and crafts, food, and music seem to be what she's all about.... Yeah, that's our daughter.  

More about that dinner. They treated us really well there at TRACE. 

wine poached pear at trace austin  

Poached pear with gold leaf.  

rabbit gnocchi trace austin 

Rabbit Gnocchi 

roasted golden beet salad trace austin w hotel 

Roasted Beet Salad 

seared snapper trace austin w hotel 

Seared Snapper 

trace cheese and meat board charcuterie w hotel austin 

truffle parmasean popcorn dunce cap trace austin 

that WAS popcorn with truffle and parmesan...

$8 parking at the municipal lot

a few other odds and ends...  

fall flowers austin west lake hills 

Kat planted some fall flowers in her garden box out by the street. 

pair of vintage jvc turntables 

We picked up a couple vintage turntables. Both sound good.   



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