July 25, 2016

Jumping on the bandwagon... lighthouse style.

portland head light lighthouse


The Portland Head Light is the most photographed light house in New England, likely the world. Construction was completed in 1791. I took a stab at it, too bad my sensor has a bunch of crud on it. 

LVRT Danville VT

We explored another section of the LVRT. We did 9.5 miles that day. 

lake caspian greensboro vermont vt 

We've discovered a nice sandy beach just a few miles from our place in Hardwick. The Caspian Lake in Greensboro VT.

July 18, 2016

quick color change


road to vermont 

hardwick house



lake caspian beach summer 2016 

July 10, 2016

Ten states in ten days, GO MOM! Teardrop Camping.

ten states in ten days

Mom just returned from a big camping trip. She and a friend camped in the teardrop camper. The visited ten states in ten days. Stops included Nebraska, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. They rode bikes and enjoyed the scenery. Everything from mountains, prairies, and (Grand) Canyons.

teardrop camper trip 


Summer is heating up....

We're usually gone for July 4th. This year was different. We went to a friends house for a swim, grilled meats and lots of fireworks. I was the obvious expendable human to light the explosives. I survived, I still have all my fingers and no burns. The daughter jumped in to help. She's so good to me. She also came out without damage.



Everybody enjoyed sparklers. Again, no burns! That's a huge success.



Wimberley Blanco River Report:

Our river park has been cleaned up. The trees are starting to grow new leaves. We still don't have our usual shady spot. We were fortunate to enjoy a rare overcast July day in the Blanco River.

blanco river july 2016 

tubing the blanco river wimberley july 2016 river rapids 

The boys did some tubing. Some of our neighbors down there were also soaking in the crystal clear waters.

100 degrees every day summer in austin 

This is the HOT part of Summer in Texas. This is when people who can, do leave for the rest of Summer. It just gets hotter from here on till September.



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