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free beer saturday


she inhereted the itouch and we saw her look up about three times in the first hour.  and then she tried to explain to the people I had been talking to how I was addicted to my iphone.

full service reggae

had a white boy reggae band.  they were rockin' too hard to notice their signage was down.  they were FULL SERVICE

free beer


met some new friends.  one was from nepal and others were also from CA.  obligatory topic of conversation for folks from CA is the lack of a trader joes in texas.  we learned that two buck chuck is now three buck chuck

we also ran into some old friends.  maybe you remember tony from PAUL GOES RANCH STYLE

yard bird in the car

she likes chicken.

stopped in to woodrow's and found they don't serve food.

the dude abides

what makes up a redbull

she tried a redbull at wahoos.  their fish tacos were good and just $1.99 is the normal price.

data aggregation

then to the bay 6 gallery to see new works by susannah blanton and music by the mediums.

they also had free beer.  from one of our favorite brewpubs too!  nxnw

the artwork above is by our friend sharon.  kat donated the old large style floppy discs that are now  encased in encaustic.  last night we donated a potato masher and some other old silverwear we found in an airstream.  that stuff has been riding around in the trunk so I was glad to finally get it out.  it made such a racket every time I made a sharp turn.  I'm sure sharon will find some new purpose for them.


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