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MHM ready to visit the airstream plumber man

68 overlander MHM

all hooked up to the truck and ready to roll to the airstream plumber man in the morning.  I got the window tint out and did a horrible job.  but, they are tinted.  good enough for now. 

new laminate on this side as well.

gave the bedroom counter a new stainless steel top.

kick out the jams

we replaced all four speakers with some much nicer JBL ones.  I have ordered some vintage fender amplifier fabric to cover them.  the replacement will be gray/black/silver instead of the current brown/darker brown/gold offering.

made a box for the new head unit.  it's open at the back so it doesn't trap heat.  since the 12v here is always on, I installed this switch I salvaged from a 80's bmw 320is.  this simulates it going to sleep when you turn the ignition swith off in your car.  without this it would always be on.  I also installed a 12v accessory power point on the side.  this is where I will plug in my iphone/ipod car charger.

I've installed the pandora app on my iphone, it's also available for home computer users, powered by The Music Genome Project®.  I LOVE IT!  you create an account and give it a few artists you like.  then set it to play.  it selects tracks from your list and also inserts others you might like based on what you have selected.  most of the time it is right on, played a bunch of other bands I do like but did not enter (I only entered about five or so).  if it plays a song you don't like, just press the thumbs down button.  the song stops right there and will not be played again.  you can also tag new music that you like to download later.  since I can stream internet over my iphone, my station is always with me. 

 stuck in the bumbo again

patiently waiting for his brother and sister to come home.


they ride the bus home.  school is very near and they are often the first stop off the bus.  it had become a complete waste of gasoline for me to que up with the other mothers in line to pick up kids from school.  often the bus followed us home anyhow.


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