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still alive, and I got cake

we finished portal, I got cake (quickly pulled iphone from pocket and snapped a pic of my cake)

portal cake is served

victory cake

daughter took a pic of me and my reward.  she had to run back into the room because the last scene from Portal was too scary.  she doesn't like any task that is timed and that final ball made mean sounds.  unlike all previous portal devices that had spoken sweetly with all sorts of humorous tidbits, like cake recipes.

then after the cake, came this song; still alive; another great reward!  we ran to the home media computer in the kitchen and sure enough it was on youtube.  and it seemed many other people shared our affection for the song as well.  many have uploaded their own versions.  some with accousitc guitar and others even went for a techno approach that didn't really work, we really liked the japanese version

baja fish taco

monday night is $1.99 fish taco night at berryhill baja grill don't click that link if you are bothered by websites that auto load their music.  I really really dislike that.  we often use the mini mac that lives near the kitchen for web surfing as well as house media server.  and since the music it sends out through the house is via itunes, we use the volume control on itunes, so when a site loads and starts it's music, it is MUCH louder since it's playing at FULL volume.

fishy fishy in the brook

these fish tacos are huge and very tasty.  two are enough to completely fill an average adult.  how can they even break even when I can feed my family on less than $13 (excluding tip).  I can't make dinner for that little bit of $ and then we have no dishes to do.  the place is very near us so monday night is an easy fish taco decision for us.  I'm not claiming to be a baja fish taco expert, BUT, a few years back we did make a xmas trip to the birth place of baja fish tacos, san felipe, baja, mexico (that was an interesting trip pics linked here)

san felipe baja mexico


another nice sunset

this weeks new musical selection is portastatic.  I don't know how this slipped by me for so many years.  I liked superchunk but managed to be completely unaware their lead singer had gone on to a great new project.  youtube selection here (are you sick of youtube links?)

and if you thought I was not still excited about the silver jews concert that is now just a few weeks away, you would be wrong, this week's lyrical installment below and a link to somebody out there who is likely as excited as I am.

“I wish they didn’t set mirrors behind a bar, because I can’t stand to look at my face when I don’t know where you are.”


Hey Paul,

Still Alive is also available for download for Rock Band if you guys are fans of that game as well.

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