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lost and found

lost and found at austinmodhouse

the lost and found department is growing.  this is just a recent sampling of items that have been left here.  miles, we have your other shoe.  marlo and audrey, we have a swim suit and some shorts.  emma, we have your life jacket.  ava, we have your tiny strawberry tart. max and cosmo, we still have your bag of toy trucks/cars.  ben, we have your bottle of wine.... er, I might be able to find a place for the wine. 

portal guide

check the cheats if you get lost.

his first playdate.  his toes found the toys.

bumbo fun

she is two and her legs fit in the bumbo.  I'm hoping the baby schuster will thin out as he adds length.  it'd be great if we can get year of use from the bumbo.  some girth from his thighs will need to be lost

reward whistle

his class was so good this first week of school they had a reward party on friday.  he came home with this "whistle-prize".  saturday I found him walking around outside blowing the whistle, picked up a rock he found. 


this is what the back yard looks like with the  blublockers I found.

happiness is one in each hand

found two beverages.  happy.

still double fisting

he found skeeters chomping at his legs.  we moved into the screen room.  she was still happy.

swim swim swim

kids found a way to beat the heat and the skeeters.

we lost the sun but it was a nice view.


the wine was for you & kat! (though i'd be happy to come help drink it anytime).

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