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ike didn't show for his party



little caterpillar are appearing all over the milkweed.  fall weather has started to come around in greater regularity.


ready to graduate from the AMH tadpole pool.

back pack


front pack


kat's explanation

pretty girls at my table

pass the baby

hurrucane Ike

we had a few friends over to watch the wind from Ike.  but Ike never came.

green globe

we love the interior mexican food at azul tequila.  they have a happy hour on saturday!  two of these for the price of one.  we went next door to target afterward.  the margarita lube was helpful in taking the edge off a shopping trip.  we all found something we couldn't live without.


the little dude's sope happiness

they like the sopes de pollo

hulk hands

the boys played while the girls spent their time in the dressing room. 

sunday we hiked, swam and kat made hot and sour soup.

 mt bonnell

I don't know who that girl is behind me.  she doesn't seem to be too thrilled with her proximity me.  hiked up mount bonnell.


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