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do fish like glass tile?

this is the 8mm (double thickness) glass mosaic tile; $8.88 a sq ft from ebay.  do you think the fish will like it?

tile guy

the "tile guy" at work

back when we had all the bathrooms tiled here at AustinModHouse, I had selected a gray grout.  our professional tile guy asked me why I wanted grey.  he assured me I was wrong and that white was the correct grout choice.  I now believe I should have stuck to my first choice.  the white grout shows up too bright and takes away from the color and depth of the tile.  I see the grout as a grid with the white grout.

  I used gray grout for the koi pond and I think it looks fantastic.  will seal the grout tomorrow and should be able to replace the water, tadpoles, snails and mussels by tomorrow eve.


he has teeth.

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