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tadpoles returned and a dude goes PURE

tadpole returns

returning the snails and tadpoles to their pool.  I'm going to do some work on the upper koi pond next.  I like how we can see the chunk inside watching from his bumbo (top left)

handfull of snails

we have bunches of big snails.  we won't go hungry if the recession worsens.  (the purple mark on my wrist is an indication that I am old enough to purchase beer at emo's, from the night before)

LOTS of snails.  we just need some garlic, butter, white wine and a bit of salt.

escargot racers

the snails quickly raced all over leaving snail trails.  marvin was intrigued.

the kindergarten brain

kindergarten anatomy

happiest baby

happiest baby ever. (sorry for the quality from here down, iphone pics)

air guitar

kat has been talking about going back to NXNW to get a growler for over a year.  and now it is done.  they had some live music there as well.  the boys got all worked up; air guitar above.

rock poses

the girls don't have to work so hard to get attention.  they remained cool and composed.

beatiumous growlerness

this has got to be the fanciest growler I've ever seen.  it's contents are pretty good too.

this friday night was the silver jews at emo's show I have been so excited about.  turns out I was not alone.  the place was PACKED tight.  the show was great even though they didn't even hit the stage till almost 1 AM.  we spent some time walking up and down sixth st. 

we went into PURE ULTRA LOUNGE.  I somehow passed the dress code and enjoyed $2 beers but suffered from bad dance music.  the interior is impressive.  the first floor surely did remind me of the korova milk bar. 

bartender was very curious as to why we would be taking pictures of this dirty hippie drinking a newcastle in PURE.

then, this group of guys wearing polyester suits and wigs arrived.  they all shared one inflatable date.

 dude and his doll

this guy (above) was worried that I would post this on myspace.  he later decided it would be OK since nobody would recognize him with that wig.

she allowed the boys to do body shots (below).  can you find the shot glass?

body shot




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