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eggroll madness


eggroll ingredients

we made a stop at the grocery store when kat announced, "I am going to make EGG ROLLS!".

puzzled, I replied, "but you don't like egg rolls..."  she twisted her face a bit and paused while looking somewhere above my head.  she finally concluded, "that's true". 

so goes the mystery of women. 

they were delicious and we had an eggroll feast.

virtual beer

he is topping off her viognier with a virtual 40 oz.


then he took a slug himself.  is it OK for a 5 yo to have virtual malt beverage?

enjoying an evening in the screened room.


caught a lizzard on a walk around the neighborhood.

neighbor girls spent the day here while their dad enjoyed ACL.  we didn't attempt doing acl this year since the chunk would be too much to handle at a festival.  we can hear the drumming from zilker park inside our bedroom.  saturday had 65k people at acl and 60k football fans at the UT game just up the street.  austin was packed.

emergency kit


  • knife
  • russet
  • growler


we sold our teardrop camper and our 1970 airstream safari.  we have a camping trip scheduled so I drug our 1968 overlander to the local airstream service center.  we are going to throw $ at it till it's ready to serve as MobileModHouse.  pic above shows NEW water heater and also rebuilding of the brakes and bearings being repacked and resealed.  the pic below shows all the old copper plumbing they have removed.  it's being replaced with PEX and all new fixtures.

we attended the tri-marquee concourse event this weekend.  nice to see so many shiny vintage german cars getting some well deserved attention.

bmw cs coupe

pair of nice cs coupes


e24 m6

bmw e30 m3

there were several beautiful bmw e30 M3

bmw 1600

this is what the vintage bmw guys call a "round tail"

pimp'd e30

this is a "pimp my ride" style e30.  it even has a LCD monitor in the trunk lid.


1958 bmw isetta got 63 mpg.  it was ahead of it's time.  rumor mill has it that bmw is considering to make a modern version.

audi quattro

a friend of mine back in high school had an audi quattro,  although his didn't have so many bosch driving lights on the front.

audi r8

this audi r8 is 15% lamborghini.  looks better in person that in the pics I've seen (think of a front end that looks like an egg slicer)

and this week I am very excited to be seeing jonathan richman.  this weekend we had a film crew stop by on a location scout.  I had Jonathan playing and one member of the crew asked, "isn't that the guy from There's something about Mary?"  I

I explained "that is the movie with Jonathan Richman".


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