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March 29, 2017

Everything in a few boxes

Another birthday celebration at Plucker's. It's a tradition.


Do you remember a time when everything you could possibly want could come in a just a few boxes?  



He got everything he wanted, and some college money too.  

college money 

tall beer at pluckers austin  

OK, we got something for ourselves a well....

Death of a Craftsman

I'd been quite proud of not owning a lawnmower, ever. But then I bought a used mower for the house in VT. Then we started to clear back the decade of scrub and weed brush from this house, and I bought a brand new Craftsman mower for here... All the sudden I owned TWO mowers.

Our acre here in Westlake had never been mowed. Once I got started, the change was amazing. A real landscaping plan was coming together. Then I hit the stump... my new mower had about an hour of hard use before I found the stump. I had found several other rocks and chunks of debris, but this stump stopped my new mower. Dead in its tracks, the new mower was done.

I spent hours on the phone with craftsman, I received conflicting advice and instructions. In the end, I was thanked for my honesty, but because I admitted I had hit a stump, I had no options other than buy a new mower. I managed to sell the stumped mower on craigslist to recoup a portion of the replacement cost. The first mower had been purchased on sale, the price had since gone UP. I paid more for the replacement mower #thanksobama

With the new mower up and back in operation, I was a bit more careful. The yard is a cornucopia of hazards. I spend time walking off a small section if it's not been mowed before. I move rocks in piles around stumps. After I mow around the stumps, I come back with my chainsaw and cut them flush... It will soon be too hot to continue, but the results have been positive.

austin modhouse west lake hills front yard  

side of amh 

These areas were waist high with weeds and scrub.

yard expansion 

March 22, 2017

Quiet Company and Fastball

Quiet Company put on a great show at Capitol One House (Antone's)

taylor muse of quiet company austin sxsw 2017

quiet company capitol one house sxsw 2017 

taylor muse the contortionist for quiet company a band from austin tx 

quiet company sxsw 2017 

everything was beautiful and nothing hurt quiet company sxsw 2017 


new EP due out at the end of march. 

taylor muse quiet co sxsw 2017 

quiet company taylor muse crowd surfing with guitar 

Taylor did some crowd surfing, with his fender. 

quiet company crowd surfing professional taylor muse and his fender 

taylor muse is happy, crowd surfing was a success and fender guitar survived


fastball sxsw austin  

fastball sxsw 2017 austin  

fastball sxsw 2017 

smashmouth with fastball sxsw 2017 

Smashmouth helped out on keyboards. 


March 21, 2017

Whole Foods Rooftop SXSW 2017, Tribu Baharu and Run River North by Quantum Collective

Tribu Baharu SXSW 2017

Tribu Baharu 

tribu baharu sxsw 2017 columban flag whole foods rooftop 

Run River North SXSW 2017 Whole foods flagship  

Run River North  

Run River North SXSW 2017 whole foods rooftop  

SXSW Whole Foods Rooftop kids and family 

Saturday is when we usually take the kids along for music at Whole Foods Rooftop Quantum Collective. They boys hardly looked up from their devices, all too common.  

kat at whole foods quantum collective SXXW 2017 Whole Foods Rooftop Flagship store 

Kat really enjoyed the Quantum Collective Party, she even bought a bicycle... we paid cash, the hitch was that the bike had to be picked up at 6:30... That sort of dictated what we could do for the rest of the day.

March 20, 2017

Capyac, Unlikely Candidates, The Belle Game



capyac sxsw 2017

unlikely candidates SXSW 2017 Hotel Van Zandt

Unlikely Candidates at the Hotel Van Zandt


the belle game sxsw 2017 canada house 

The Belle Game at Canada House (Swan Dive)  

the belle game canada blast sxsw 2017 

Chive TV Party at the Westin SXSW

sxsw CHIVE TV Westin Pool Party 

Day one of the CHIVE TV party at the rooftop pool at the Westin.  

chive tv sxsw westin rooftop pool waitress drinks  

Chive TV SXSW Olivia May

Olivia May 

Olivia May sxsw Chive TV 

Day Two at Chive TV: 

chive tv party sxsw 2017 westin rooftop  

chive tv rooftop party sxsw 2017 

the old hat in the pool trick 

Laura uses her balloon wig to retrieve Keri's hat from the pool.  

Sabrina Lentini SXSW 2017 Chive TV 

Sabrina Lentini 


sxsw westin stell san jac 2017 

We arrived early on Day three of Chive TV party. Grabbed a quick bite to eat (love those deviled eggs) and got into the party when it opened.

Chive TV rooftop pool sxsw party  

Early bird gets the worm! We scored a table close to the pool, next to the bar and close enough to the stage to hear the music. The views were good too.  

westin rooftop pool during sxsw 2017 chive tv 

westin austin sxsw pool chive tv 

The National Parks SXSW 2017 Chive TV party Westin 

The National Parks  

The National Parks band SXSW 2017 


Several friends came over and shared our table.  

westin rooftop pool party sxsw 2017 chive tv 

and that was it... we stayed till almost 6 PM, then walked to Whole Foods, claimed Kat's bike. My mom picked us up with her bike rack. We were home in bed by 10 PM, after feasting on fajitas.  

CMoore walked from Whole Foods for more SXSW adventures. He made it home at 3:45 AM, but that's a whole other story. 


Big Picture Media SXSW Showcase 2017 Handlebar



Kylie Hughes #BPMtakeover 2017 sxsw 


Kylie Hughes

kylie hughes sxsw #bpmtakeover 2017 

the cuckoos #bpmtakeover sxsw 2017 

The Cuckoos

Kat had suggested I see the Cuckoos. She said they sounded a bit like Joy Division. Early into their set, I was picking up more DOORS than JD. I even joked "I sure hope they close with "Riders on the Storm". But their bluesy rock and funk description came true when (much to my delight and surprise) they closed with "When Doves Cry" a Prince cover.  

the cuckoos band austin sxsw 2017 


Sweet Crude SXSW 2017 #bpmtakeover 


Sweet Crude 

sweet crude band nola sxsw 2017 big picture media takeover handle bar 



Big Picture Media Takeover media day 2017

 big picture media day sxsw 2017 #bpmtakeover 

Austin ModhHouse at Big Picture Media and Christopher Moore of mooremetal

We had a table at the Big Picture Media press event.  

Edison (band) at Big Picture Media 


Edison was the first band we interviewed. They are experienced musicians, came well prepared for the rigors of SX. They had even won a contest with HomeAway affording them one of the best locations. Convenient access to downtown takes a lot of stress from getting to commitments.

We may have been a bit stumbly and the meeting concluded with them asking us "exactly WHO are you?".  

listen to edison big picture media sxsw  

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt SXSW Big Picture Media 2017 

Jocelyn and Chris Arndt actual siblings, I admire these two. My son and daughter play eight instruments between the two, but I can't get them to play along with each other. They were so comfortable and charming.

The Cuckoos SXSW 2017 Big Picture Media  

The Cuckoos from Austin. "Blues, Psychedelic and Funk" turned out to be accurate. we caught their live show. More on that in the next post.

ligula band sxsw 2017 big picture media 

Ligula (from Spain) were so excited to be here. Their music has a strong Classic or Southern American Rock influence. They were looking forward to seeing some of the landscape that shaped their musical interests from such a distance. They had no issues with gaining entry to the US, turned out to be a non-event despite all the negative SXSW press that had surfaced just days prior regarding bands being refused entry or deported. I was disappointed I was unable to catch their show.

Ligula band sxsw austin 2017 big picture media 


Sweet Crude from NOLA at SXSW 2017 Big Picture Media 

Sweet Crude is from New Orleans, just like CMoore. While it wasn't clear what their sound was when using terms like "Drum Pop Louisianais", their answers turned out to be accurate when we caught their show the next day.  

Sweet Crude band from New Orelans SXSW 2017 #bpmtakeover 

Sweet Crude  


Emily Bell , also from Austin.

kylie hughes and paul schuster SXSW 2017 

Kylie Hughes said my shirt was a nice match with hers. I won't disagree. She was fun to chat with and also put on  great showcase. This was her first trip to Austin. I hope she enjoyed the breakfast tacos.

kylie hughes sxsw 2017 #bpmtakeover big picture media 


Of all the artists we interviewed. there was a lot of consistency in the answers. When CMoore asked "What do you hope to get out of SXSW?". The answers were never about themselves. These artists were genuinely excited to spend time with other musicians. They told us about the shows they wanted to see, and being able to spend time with label mates. From the excitement in their eyes, SXSW is more of a summer camp for working musicians. 

Cliff Bar, Doc Martin's, Twix and Stub Hub Collide on Rainey SXSW 2017


Blank Range

Blank Range at the Cliff Bar House (black heart)

sunara karna 

Sundara Karma at Stub Hub (Banger's)

diamond thugs sxsw 2017 

Diamond Thug at Doc Martin House (containr bar) 

kweko collins sxsw twix  

Kweku Collins at Twix House (Bar 96) 

Kady Rain sxsw 2017 

Kady Rain 


ESKEI83 (DJs and knob twisters are now a big part of SXSW as music consumption changes)

ESKEI83 SXSW 2017  

MONDO COZMO SXSW 2017 stubhub 

MONDO COZMO back at Stubhub (Banger's)  


Lagunitas Bugout also sponsored by Independence

Diet Cig sxsw 2017

Diet Cig 

rainbow kitten surprise 2017 sxsw lagunitas bugout 

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Night Beats SXSW 2017 Lgunitas bugout 

Thee Oh Sees 

lagunitas sxsw 2017 bugout 

As always, abundant beer... 

The burlesque sideshow is the third component to the Bugout party

go go mcgregor lagunitas sxsw 

Some people ate live worms. 

go go mcgregor sxsw 2017 lagunitas 

go go mcgregor nail nose sxsw 2017 lagunitas 

prynt at sxsw 2017 lagunitas 

That's a picture, of a picture, of a picture... Always new tech being demonstrated at SXSW, Prynt was fun. Not just the printed image, but it becomes a video when viewed through the app.  

March 16, 2017

Spider House All the Friends Ball sxsw 2017

All the Friends Ball is curated by Mother Falcon. It was a great opportunity to see many talented artists in a fun and comfortable venue.

calliope musicals 2017 sxsw spider house

Calliope Musicals opened the show.  

calliope musicals 2017 sxsw 

calliope musicals sxsw 2017

belcurve sxsw 2017 

Belcurve played an intimate set inside.  

ruby jane and the reckless sxsw 2017 

Ruby and the Reckless 

ruby and the reckless 2017 

Glyde sxsw 2017 

Glyde (above)  

huggy and the feel goodz 

Huggy and the Feel Goodz

huggy and the feel goods 

little girl sxsw 2017 

Little Girl, had a creepy 80's era horror movie soundtrack vibe that I liked (think Stranger Things  soundtrack material)  

peelander yellow sxsw 2017 

No SX would be complete without a Peelander appearance.  

RF Shannon sxsw 

RF Shannon (above) and Fragile Rock (below) 

Fragile Rock sxsw 2017 

Hard Proof band austin SXSW 2017

Hard Proof really tore it up good for an amazing set on a beautiful Austin Day.  

Hard Proof band austin sxsw 2017 


March 10, 2017

SXSW 2017 Bands to Watch Party (Austin Monthly)

It's SXSW time again. We attended the Austin Monthly Bands to Watch Party

We enjoyed John Wesley Coleman III, The Bishops, White Label Analog and Otis the Destroyer.

Otis the Destroyer lived up to the name. They were both southern rock and metal, with frequent tempo shifts. You know the show is gonna be good when the drummer is all smiles and the bass player is like an animal all glisteny with sweat.

Otis the Destroyer Austin sxsw 2017 


Otis the Destroyer band austin sxsw 2017 


Otis the Destroyr band austin 2017 sxsw 


otis the destroyer austin band sxsw2017 


white label analog band austin sxsw 2017 

White Label Analog also put on a great show. Shannon said "they remind me of every band I loved on the 80's wrapped up into one". They sort of reminded me of Future Islands, the band that gave every goofy white guy license to dance.  



March 06, 2017

Feeling a bit Frenchy, Angers via Lenoir Austin

 Before I jump straight into the food and beverage, we've  been hard at work here with the house and yard. The purge of decade long extra stuff is another work in progress.

We've also cleared another area of land. We'd tried to keep things natural, but scrubby weed bush and non-native invasive varieties were quickly taking over and blocking views. It took many hours with a pick axe, loppers, and manual labor to clear another section. A few trips to three different nurseries and we are on the way having something presentable.

austin modhouse landscape project 


CHEF RÉMI FOURNIER from Anger France had a French food and wine event at Lenoir. 


Wines pairings from the Loire Valley.

CHEF RÉMI FOURNIER anger france austin tx lenoir 

paul schuster austin and hardwick 

It was a rainy day, but we managed to make something of it.

pint house pizza tx tap 40 american pale ale 

The T.A.P. TX 4.0 at Pint House Pizza is a really good brew. I believe it's the result of a PHP and Odell Brewing collaboration.  I've also managed to get a few more cans of SWISH from Bissell Brothers Brewing. The sunny and 68 degree Sunday evening was a nice opportunity to enjoy one.

SWISH Bissell Brothers Brewing 

March 01, 2017

Lazarus Brewing

It seems new breweries are popping up all over Austin lately.

lazarus brewing austin texas 

We were walking by Lazarus and stopped for a Taco al Pastor and a Pint.

lazarus brewing austin 

Fresh beer is always better than bottled/canned. The tacos were really good, the salsa too, nice heat.  

warm february in austin tx 2017 

February has afforded us many warm evenings for outdoor patio fun. 

side note: I occasionally make strangers disappear. Either by cropping or other means if necessary. I got rid of these three dudes below (same pic as seen a few pics up). Disapearer.


A poblano cocktail? it's true: Ancho Reyes Verde

ancho reyes verde Austin Whisler's cocktail

We attended the launch party for a new Poblano Pepper liqueur from Ancho Reyes Verde 

whislers mezcal bar upstairs ancho reyes 

Craft cocktails mixed up at Whisler's featured the pepper flavored liqueur.  

ancho reyes verde austin whisler's cocktail 

ancho reyes verde cocktail at whisler's austin  

The poblano flavor is evident. The cocktails combined it with either Rum or Tequila along with a variety of ingredients including cucumber, lime, roasted tomato, watermelon... they were good.

For sample recipes, click HERE 

mr poblano ancho reyes verde austin

Mr Poblano made an appearance.