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SXSW 2017 Bands to Watch Party (Austin Monthly)

It's SXSW time again. We attended the Austin Monthly Bands to Watch Party

We enjoyed John Wesley Coleman III, The Bishops, White Label Analog and Otis the Destroyer.

Otis the Destroyer lived up to the name. They were both southern rock and metal, with frequent tempo shifts. You know the show is gonna be good when the drummer is all smiles and the bass player is like an animal all glisteny with sweat.

Otis the Destroyer Austin sxsw 2017 


Otis the Destroyer band austin sxsw 2017 


Otis the Destroyr band austin 2017 sxsw 


otis the destroyer austin band sxsw2017 


white label analog band austin sxsw 2017 

White Label Analog also put on a great show. Shannon said "they remind me of every band I loved on the 80's wrapped up into one". They sort of reminded me of Future Islands, the band that gave every goofy white guy license to dance.  



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