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Feeling a bit Frenchy, Angers via Lenoir Austin

 Before I jump straight into the food and beverage, we've  been hard at work here with the house and yard. The purge of decade long extra stuff is another work in progress.

We've also cleared another area of land. We'd tried to keep things natural, but scrubby weed bush and non-native invasive varieties were quickly taking over and blocking views. It took many hours with a pick axe, loppers, and manual labor to clear another section. A few trips to three different nurseries and we are on the way having something presentable.

austin modhouse landscape project 


CHEF RÉMI FOURNIER from Anger France had a French food and wine event at Lenoir. 


Wines pairings from the Loire Valley.

CHEF RÉMI FOURNIER anger france austin tx lenoir 

paul schuster austin and hardwick 

It was a rainy day, but we managed to make something of it.

pint house pizza tx tap 40 american pale ale 

The T.A.P. TX 4.0 at Pint House Pizza is a really good brew. I believe it's the result of a PHP and Odell Brewing collaboration.  I've also managed to get a few more cans of SWISH from Bissell Brothers Brewing. The sunny and 68 degree Sunday evening was a nice opportunity to enjoy one.

SWISH Bissell Brothers Brewing 

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