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Spider House All the Friends Ball sxsw 2017

All the Friends Ball is curated by Mother Falcon. It was a great opportunity to see many talented artists in a fun and comfortable venue.

calliope musicals 2017 sxsw spider house

Calliope Musicals opened the show.  

calliope musicals 2017 sxsw 

calliope musicals sxsw 2017

belcurve sxsw 2017 

Belcurve played an intimate set inside.  

ruby jane and the reckless sxsw 2017 

Ruby and the Reckless 

ruby and the reckless 2017 

Glyde sxsw 2017 

Glyde (above)  

huggy and the feel goodz 

Huggy and the Feel Goodz

huggy and the feel goods 

little girl sxsw 2017 

Little Girl, had a creepy 80's era horror movie soundtrack vibe that I liked (think Stranger Things  soundtrack material)  

peelander yellow sxsw 2017 

No SX would be complete without a Peelander appearance.  

RF Shannon sxsw 

RF Shannon (above) and Fragile Rock (below) 

Fragile Rock sxsw 2017 

Hard Proof band austin SXSW 2017

Hard Proof really tore it up good for an amazing set on a beautiful Austin Day.  

Hard Proof band austin sxsw 2017 


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