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Big Picture Media SXSW Showcase 2017 Handlebar



Kylie Hughes #BPMtakeover 2017 sxsw 


Kylie Hughes

kylie hughes sxsw #bpmtakeover 2017 

the cuckoos #bpmtakeover sxsw 2017 

The Cuckoos

Kat had suggested I see the Cuckoos. She said they sounded a bit like Joy Division. Early into their set, I was picking up more DOORS than JD. I even joked "I sure hope they close with "Riders on the Storm". But their bluesy rock and funk description came true when (much to my delight and surprise) they closed with "When Doves Cry" a Prince cover.  

the cuckoos band austin sxsw 2017 


Sweet Crude SXSW 2017 #bpmtakeover 


Sweet Crude 

sweet crude band nola sxsw 2017 big picture media takeover handle bar 



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