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Big Picture Media Takeover media day 2017

 big picture media day sxsw 2017 #bpmtakeover 

Austin ModhHouse at Big Picture Media and Christopher Moore of mooremetal

We had a table at the Big Picture Media press event.  

Edison (band) at Big Picture Media 


Edison was the first band we interviewed. They are experienced musicians, came well prepared for the rigors of SX. They had even won a contest with HomeAway affording them one of the best locations. Convenient access to downtown takes a lot of stress from getting to commitments.

We may have been a bit stumbly and the meeting concluded with them asking us "exactly WHO are you?".  

listen to edison big picture media sxsw  

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt SXSW Big Picture Media 2017 

Jocelyn and Chris Arndt actual siblings, I admire these two. My son and daughter play eight instruments between the two, but I can't get them to play along with each other. They were so comfortable and charming.

The Cuckoos SXSW 2017 Big Picture Media  

The Cuckoos from Austin. "Blues, Psychedelic and Funk" turned out to be accurate. we caught their live show. More on that in the next post.

ligula band sxsw 2017 big picture media 

Ligula (from Spain) were so excited to be here. Their music has a strong Classic or Southern American Rock influence. They were looking forward to seeing some of the landscape that shaped their musical interests from such a distance. They had no issues with gaining entry to the US, turned out to be a non-event despite all the negative SXSW press that had surfaced just days prior regarding bands being refused entry or deported. I was disappointed I was unable to catch their show.

Ligula band sxsw austin 2017 big picture media 


Sweet Crude from NOLA at SXSW 2017 Big Picture Media 

Sweet Crude is from New Orleans, just like CMoore. While it wasn't clear what their sound was when using terms like "Drum Pop Louisianais", their answers turned out to be accurate when we caught their show the next day.  

Sweet Crude band from New Orelans SXSW 2017 #bpmtakeover 

Sweet Crude  


Emily Bell , also from Austin.

kylie hughes and paul schuster SXSW 2017 

Kylie Hughes said my shirt was a nice match with hers. I won't disagree. She was fun to chat with and also put on  great showcase. This was her first trip to Austin. I hope she enjoyed the breakfast tacos.

kylie hughes sxsw 2017 #bpmtakeover big picture media 


Of all the artists we interviewed. there was a lot of consistency in the answers. When CMoore asked "What do you hope to get out of SXSW?". The answers were never about themselves. These artists were genuinely excited to spend time with other musicians. They told us about the shows they wanted to see, and being able to spend time with label mates. From the excitement in their eyes, SXSW is more of a summer camp for working musicians. 

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