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April 24, 2017

Sarah Anne, Rock-Steady extended Jam by Anders Osborne

This video is a great example of the Anders Osborne and friends live show. What begins as a fun rock-steady beat, evolves into a rocker, an extended jam that devolves, and then rebuilds. Eric McFadden does a bit of shredding and Carl Dufrene, a true showman getting funky on his bass at every turn. At the seven minute mark, Brady gets to let loose on the drums. Such a good time.  Brady Blade takes no rest before transitioning to the next song.



April 23, 2017

Functional Art by Paul Schuster

We've had a table that was quickly assembled from construction scrap in our front alcove, near the entry door, for nearly a decade. I never expected to have it there so long. I finally buckled down and made something specific for this house, that space.

metal art furniture by paul schuster 

this is how it came together...

functional art paul schuster austin 

table by paul schuster 

standing in place at austin modhouse 

black granite topped one legged table paul schuster 

And there I have my one legged table.  

Anders Osborne, Brady Blade, Carl Dufrene and Eric McFadden

Our friend Brady was in town for the Old Settler's Music Festival. After some complications with their parking situation, we arrived at the most beautiful festival we've ever found.

Old Settler's 2017 

The weather also cooperated. 


There was plenty of green area and water for relaxing. The sound at this festival was top tier. Not too loud to enjoy and you could hear every note and syllable.

Anders Osborne and Eric McFadden 

The guys did not disappoint.

Brady Blade, Anders Osborne, Carl Dufrene and Eric McFadden 

Anders Osborne and friends has GOT TO BE one of the best touring live musical acts today.  

carl dufrene anders osborne brady blade jr eric mcfadden 

Carl Dufrene Bass, Brady Blade drums, Eric McFadden guitar, Anders Osborne vocals and guitar 


Check the big picture. I think they are enjoying the show more than the audience.

Carl Dufrene 

Carl was a wild man on that bass. Breaking stereotypes about bass players, he is.

Carl Dufrene a wild man on bass guitar anders osborne and brady blade drums 

adners osborne guitar and brady blade on drums old settlers 2017 

I suggest you do not miss an opportunity to experience the show live.  

Eric McFadden, Carl Dufrene, Brady Blade Jr, Anders Osborne at old settlers 2017 


Eric McFadden mandolin, Carl Dufrene and Brady Blade drummer 

April 16, 2017

Easter Eggs and Dash the butterfly

boys chasing easter eggs Wimberley

The Easter morning egg hunt.

dash the catepillar metamorphasized  

We came home to find that Dash the Caterpillar had turned into a lovely Easter Sunday Butterfly.


We opened his enclosure and took him outside where he could be free.

butterfly of westlake 

Stretched the new wings a few times and flew away. Goodbye Dash. I'm glad you enjoyed our fennel.  

Easter Camp on the Blanco

blanco river low water crossing fischer wimberley

We spent the weekend at our camp near Wimberley, on the Blanco. 

blanco river rapids park 

The river was nice.  


lost nation gose in the blanco river texas

Even my Mom enjoyed a river beer, Lost Nation Gose 

preway mcm fireplace  

The screen room off our little cabin down there is magical in the evening.  

sculpture of the week....

I've been busy with the cutting and welding etc.

sculpture by paul schuster austin texas

ether capture device

ether capture device 

yard art. 


April 10, 2017

Hootenany at the PHP and some NE IPA from Texas...?

php lamar

A side effect of summer in Vermont, we've developed a taste for New England IPA. It's a newer style of beer that features new American variety of hops, a hazy yellow/orange color and a juiciness (aroma of citrus and fruits) with not a lot of bitterness. Pinthouse Pizza here in Austin TX has been working on NE IPA style. They've gotten really good at beer, the pizza is good too, and it's close to home. We have become regulars. They tapped two NE IPA this weekend and had a Hootenany (party).

NE IPA Pinthouse Pizza Austin TX lupulin powder mosaic citra 

Mosaic and Citra Lupulin make these somewhat exotic without making your face pucker up.  

#2 son was excited to do te Photo Booth, we obliged.

pinthouse pizza hootenany austin 


photo booth at PHP hootenany  

pinthouse pizza crowler 32 oz  

We are enjoying their crowlers but we're not sure how/why PHP has a nautical theme. We are landlocked in Austin... I'm also not too happy about the fact they put up a few more TVs. I prefer NO TV as a beer hall and restaurant should encourage people to engage each other. I'm learning to adjust, but still avoid looking at their new screens. It's a personal protest.


challah from a bag, so easy 

We closed the week with a big meal at home, salmon, Chablis and Challah. Kat made the easy bag Challah and it really is good.  I often turn my nose up at those 60 second recipe videos on FB. They often combine cheese, bacon, ground beef, sausage, sugary bbq sauce and some salty flavor packet (disgusting). But the easy Challah was a winner.  The picture above was just before it went into the oven. It was quickly consumed before I could get the camera ready...

Spark Eater, a yard art sculpture, or BIG metal mudbug

years ago... I was pursuing a bohemian artist type of life. I succeeded at the Bohemian part, and I did live in an old factory building, artists loft type of space...  

Years later, Kat has been asking me for some yard art. We have all this land here. It's time I put my artist hat back on.

I call this one the Spark Eater 

spark eater sculpture by paul schuster


A couple years back, we were at an arts festival. There was a great variety of art for sale. But the busiest vendor was selling a pair of metal frogs on a swing. Kat loved it. They had a whole trailer full of them and it seemed like everybody was lining up to buy this pair of swinging frogs. I thought it was a bit kitschy, more of a folk craft at best. The painters and other artists looked on with envy as the frog guy raked in sales just as fast as he could swipe cards. Kat lined up and bought her frogs. I did not protest. If the metal frogs on a swing make her happy, it's a good thing. If I protested, it would make us both, unhappy. She carried her frogs around the arts festival, and it was a happy day.

When I was nearly done with my "Spark Eater" sculpture, I noticed a piece of scrap metal I've been hoarding. It fitted right on the top, sort of resembled eyes. Recalling Kat's fondness for art that resembles animals, I welded it on and painted the whole rig bright red. It sort of resembles a crawfish.... a yard mudbug.  

spark eater by paul schuster the artist 


April 03, 2017

Garth Weisser and the Moving Panoramas (band) at the Contemporary Jones Center

We attended the member's opening event for the Garth Weisser exhibition.

Moving Panoramas band austin tx 

Music by Moving Panoramas 

Sway, Central Standard and La Condesa provided small bites. 

Garth Weisser at the Jones Center Austin art museum 

Garth appears to be using thick layers of paint that are combed to reveal the layers and colors underneath. Very interesting.

close up view across the surface 

Garth Weisser painting artist 



Not really beef and a lotta onion

Our house smells like the inside of an onion. We had Cassoulet Saturday night and French Onion soup Sunday night. I've had stock and/or onions caramelizing in the kitchen for two days.

The cassoulet was not my best effort. There are SO many different variations on this recipe. I didn't really recall which is used as a guide last time. It was good, but not great and I consider it a learning experience. I'd reduce my stock more next time and boil the beans in stock, not water.

pressure cooker french onion soup kenji alt lopez style  

The French Onion Soup (above) turned out really well. We used Kenji's pressure cooker method.

beyond meat beyond burger vegan  

I used to be a part-time casual vegetarian. Then I started to do a pescatarian diet from Jan-March. There are a few things that are difficult to give up, bacon, filet mignon, and a good burger. We saw the Beyond Burger at Whole Foods yesterday and gave it a test run. 

beyond burger with cambozola tomato and dijon 

It was pretty good. We topped it with some melted Cambozola, a thick tomato slice and Dijon mustard on the bottom bun.  

six point resin a west coast ipa from new york 

Kat and I washed the burger down with some Six Point Resin. It's more of a West Coast style IPA from New York.  

indian sweets  

I like to visit ethnic grocers. We stopped at the Indian food store in S. Austin this weekend. I love to look at all the food that I'm not familiar with. We often buy things just to try. The colorful tray of sweets got the best of our curiosity. I usually avoid sugar after dark, it keeps me up. I couldn't resist trying a bite of each (there were six). As is often the case with Asian desserts, they are move interesting in appearance than flavor. The primary flavor is sugar/sweet. They did keep me up at night, as I sort of expected. Now I know (again).  


Our new hooter

My friend Connie gave me an Owl Box from Owl Reach for my birthday. I adjusted it with simple graphics for the owl. I followed the installation instructions and had it on a tree middle of last week. Five days later and we have our owl!

owl reach owl box west lake hills tx 

let's zoom in....

owl reach owl box austin westlake texas 

(click for BIG PICTURE)