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Anders Osborne, Brady Blade, Carl Dufrene and Eric McFadden

Our friend Brady was in town for the Old Settler's Music Festival. After some complications with their parking situation, we arrived at the most beautiful festival we've ever found.

Old Settler's 2017 

The weather also cooperated. 


There was plenty of green area and water for relaxing. The sound at this festival was top tier. Not too loud to enjoy and you could hear every note and syllable.

Anders Osborne and Eric McFadden 

The guys did not disappoint.

Brady Blade, Anders Osborne, Carl Dufrene and Eric McFadden 

Anders Osborne and friends has GOT TO BE one of the best touring live musical acts today.  

carl dufrene anders osborne brady blade jr eric mcfadden 

Carl Dufrene Bass, Brady Blade drums, Eric McFadden guitar, Anders Osborne vocals and guitar 


Check the big picture. I think they are enjoying the show more than the audience.

Carl Dufrene 

Carl was a wild man on that bass. Breaking stereotypes about bass players, he is.

Carl Dufrene a wild man on bass guitar anders osborne and brady blade drums 

adners osborne guitar and brady blade on drums old settlers 2017 

I suggest you do not miss an opportunity to experience the show live.  

Eric McFadden, Carl Dufrene, Brady Blade Jr, Anders Osborne at old settlers 2017 


Eric McFadden mandolin, Carl Dufrene and Brady Blade drummer 

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