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Spark Eater, a yard art sculpture, or BIG metal mudbug

years ago... I was pursuing a bohemian artist type of life. I succeeded at the Bohemian part, and I did live in an old factory building, artists loft type of space...  

Years later, Kat has been asking me for some yard art. We have all this land here. It's time I put my artist hat back on.

I call this one the Spark Eater 

spark eater sculpture by paul schuster


A couple years back, we were at an arts festival. There was a great variety of art for sale. But the busiest vendor was selling a pair of metal frogs on a swing. Kat loved it. They had a whole trailer full of them and it seemed like everybody was lining up to buy this pair of swinging frogs. I thought it was a bit kitschy, more of a folk craft at best. The painters and other artists looked on with envy as the frog guy raked in sales just as fast as he could swipe cards. Kat lined up and bought her frogs. I did not protest. If the metal frogs on a swing make her happy, it's a good thing. If I protested, it would make us both, unhappy. She carried her frogs around the arts festival, and it was a happy day.

When I was nearly done with my "Spark Eater" sculpture, I noticed a piece of scrap metal I've been hoarding. It fitted right on the top, sort of resembled eyes. Recalling Kat's fondness for art that resembles animals, I welded it on and painted the whole rig bright red. It sort of resembles a crawfish.... a yard mudbug.  

spark eater by paul schuster the artist 


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