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Hootenany at the PHP and some NE IPA from Texas...?

php lamar

A side effect of summer in Vermont, we've developed a taste for New England IPA. It's a newer style of beer that features new American variety of hops, a hazy yellow/orange color and a juiciness (aroma of citrus and fruits) with not a lot of bitterness. Pinthouse Pizza here in Austin TX has been working on NE IPA style. They've gotten really good at beer, the pizza is good too, and it's close to home. We have become regulars. They tapped two NE IPA this weekend and had a Hootenany (party).

NE IPA Pinthouse Pizza Austin TX lupulin powder mosaic citra 

Mosaic and Citra Lupulin make these somewhat exotic without making your face pucker up.  

#2 son was excited to do te Photo Booth, we obliged.

pinthouse pizza hootenany austin 


photo booth at PHP hootenany  

pinthouse pizza crowler 32 oz  

We are enjoying their crowlers but we're not sure how/why PHP has a nautical theme. We are landlocked in Austin... I'm also not too happy about the fact they put up a few more TVs. I prefer NO TV as a beer hall and restaurant should encourage people to engage each other. I'm learning to adjust, but still avoid looking at their new screens. It's a personal protest.


challah from a bag, so easy 

We closed the week with a big meal at home, salmon, Chablis and Challah. Kat made the easy bag Challah and it really is good.  I often turn my nose up at those 60 second recipe videos on FB. They often combine cheese, bacon, ground beef, sausage, sugary bbq sauce and some salty flavor packet (disgusting). But the easy Challah was a winner.  The picture above was just before it went into the oven. It was quickly consumed before I could get the camera ready...

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