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Not really beef and a lotta onion

Our house smells like the inside of an onion. We had Cassoulet Saturday night and French Onion soup Sunday night. I've had stock and/or onions caramelizing in the kitchen for two days.

The cassoulet was not my best effort. There are SO many different variations on this recipe. I didn't really recall which is used as a guide last time. It was good, but not great and I consider it a learning experience. I'd reduce my stock more next time and boil the beans in stock, not water.

pressure cooker french onion soup kenji alt lopez style  

The French Onion Soup (above) turned out really well. We used Kenji's pressure cooker method.

beyond meat beyond burger vegan  

I used to be a part-time casual vegetarian. Then I started to do a pescatarian diet from Jan-March. There are a few things that are difficult to give up, bacon, filet mignon, and a good burger. We saw the Beyond Burger at Whole Foods yesterday and gave it a test run. 

beyond burger with cambozola tomato and dijon 

It was pretty good. We topped it with some melted Cambozola, a thick tomato slice and Dijon mustard on the bottom bun.  

six point resin a west coast ipa from new york 

Kat and I washed the burger down with some Six Point Resin. It's more of a West Coast style IPA from New York.  

indian sweets  

I like to visit ethnic grocers. We stopped at the Indian food store in S. Austin this weekend. I love to look at all the food that I'm not familiar with. We often buy things just to try. The colorful tray of sweets got the best of our curiosity. I usually avoid sugar after dark, it keeps me up. I couldn't resist trying a bite of each (there were six). As is often the case with Asian desserts, they are move interesting in appearance than flavor. The primary flavor is sugar/sweet. They did keep me up at night, as I sort of expected. Now I know (again).  


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