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Death of a Craftsman

I'd been quite proud of not owning a lawnmower, ever. But then I bought a used mower for the house in VT. Then we started to clear back the decade of scrub and weed brush from this house, and I bought a brand new Craftsman mower for here... All the sudden I owned TWO mowers.

Our acre here in Westlake had never been mowed. Once I got started, the change was amazing. A real landscaping plan was coming together. Then I hit the stump... my new mower had about an hour of hard use before I found the stump. I had found several other rocks and chunks of debris, but this stump stopped my new mower. Dead in its tracks, the new mower was done.

I spent hours on the phone with craftsman, I received conflicting advice and instructions. In the end, I was thanked for my honesty, but because I admitted I had hit a stump, I had no options other than buy a new mower. I managed to sell the stumped mower on craigslist to recoup a portion of the replacement cost. The first mower had been purchased on sale, the price had since gone UP. I paid more for the replacement mower #thanksobama

With the new mower up and back in operation, I was a bit more careful. The yard is a cornucopia of hazards. I spend time walking off a small section if it's not been mowed before. I move rocks in piles around stumps. After I mow around the stumps, I come back with my chainsaw and cut them flush... It will soon be too hot to continue, but the results have been positive.

austin modhouse west lake hills front yard  

side of amh 

These areas were waist high with weeds and scrub.

yard expansion 

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