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October 26, 2009

scheduling nightmare carnival/guitar/carnival


I found #2 son with his arm shoved up the tail pipe of the 1970 porsche 911.  I think he realized I was not too thrilled about this situation.

mechanical bull

this sunday was the elementary school carnival.... and the daughter's guitar performance.  we'd already purchased a good chunk of tickets when we found the guitar was scheduled in the middle of the carnival time. 

we got 30 minutes of carival fun and then raced across town to the austin guitar school.

a quick costume change

guitar tech

kat tuned her guitar

tony redman, her instructor, arranged to have a friends of his, Kristi Johnston, from the Iron City Souls Shakers take care of the vocals. 

one way or another by blondie.  they had her guitar turned down so she could crank it up for her solo, but this was something new and somehow got lost in the translation, she was also waiting for the drum solo to finish for her guitar part, and somehow they 86'd the drum solo.  but they all did a great job and we were thankful for all these musicians lending  hand for the students to get some real "band" experience.

then we packed up and raced back across town to try and get another 45 minutes of carnival fun in.

nothing says "I love you man" like blasting your friends with laser guns.

I spent some time this past week trying to repair a few of these aging carnival games.  I had a limited success on the repairs. 

kat and I managed to drag ourselves out saturday eve, built to spill at stubb's.  loved seeing them play Untrustable

dainosaur jr also played.  that j. mascis can play guitar!  I was happy they did play freak scene.

wimberley ranchette cabins

I spent a few days getting the wimberley off-grid cabins moving fwd.  we have set a series of goals and I am on target.  I also learned that although it may be much cheaper to buy the 80 lb bags of concrete, not always worth the savings.  it was a lot of work hauling them into the woods over my shoulder and through the mud.
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October 19, 2009

vintage bmw all over texas vineyards

loaded up the kids and hit the back roads with a group of vintage BMW enthusiasts. 

hilly country rd to kendalia

the 1973 bmw 2002tii ran perfectly.  loves those open stretches and twisty sections of open rural roads.

my mom and my #1 son followed in her 1969 bmw 2002

s turns

car enthusiasts dream of perfect weather days like this on open roads.

arrived at the sister creek winery in sisterdale.

at least 14 vintage bmw participated. 

mostly american oak

texas wines seem to be improving.

tim's 2002tii

roadkill avoidance is a necessary skill on the back roads. 

vintage bmw caravan

camp verde

stopped at the camp verde general store for lunch.  portions were huge and prices were low.  looks like a vintage american car group was enjoying the weather as well.

1973 bmw 2002tii

the tii cleaned up nicely for the event.  I need regular car events to get me motivated to catch up on maintenance and remember the joy of driving a vintage car.

back in the car for more driving.

must have covered over 200 miles including two wineries, a lunch stop and back to austin.

lined up the cars once again at the scenic singing water winery.

singing water winery

they had a fantastic deck and lounge area complete with a playscape for the kids.

terry sayther in action

just to prove that the world famous terry sayther does still get his hands dirty with old bmw cars....   mom lost the key to her gas cap.  they grabbed terry for help.  he sprang into action to lend a hand. 

no vintage caravan would be complete without some mechanical issue.  we were fortunate that a lost key was the worst on this outing.  as we pulled out of this gas station in boerne a young guy in a big truck told me, "go back to austin".   and of course I did oblige, and happy to do so.

for bill and joy

kat was so amused to find this at boerne, she had to buy it.  reminded her of some friends.

garden abundance

with all the rain we had recently the garden has started to kick into overdrive. 

on sunday I went and put in some hours on the wimberley weekend cabins, no pics just yet.  real progress is being made.


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October 12, 2009

garner, again oct-2009

airstream 1968 overlander

the stars are so bright once you get away from the city. 

I have my new bathroom plumbed and cabinetry is mostly complete, will post airstream interior pics soon.

nights were cool and a big campfire was a great backdrop for evening revelry.

kids toasted smores and played in the fire as well.

garner, painted rock

hiked up to painted rock.

old baldy, garner

I hope to hike up "old baldy" on a future camp/hike trip.

going down is often slower than going up.  it was a bit steep with loose rocks.  kat has mountain goat like ability to make a good pace.  daughter is as able as her mother.

holly has a bit less mountain goat in her.  she is good at landing safely while making the most delightful chicken squeak sounds, "braaaah-aah".

garner rope swing

the kids were really looking forward to visiting their favorite rope swing.  it was a bit chilly in the shade so their human pendulum actions didn't occupy much time.

dirty but happy

dirty boy is a happy boy

boys throwing rocks

these two could have thrown rocks all day long.  and we probably could have sat drinking beer and watching all day long too.  but we ran out of beer before they ran out of rocks.


when it is 100 degrees outside there is no better place to soak than in these natural pools.

I'll be watching you...

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October 05, 2009

you can't escape your destiny

so we sold our ACL tix, got some $ to put towards our wimberley project.  we were relieved that we did not have to worry about rain and mud like all the people headed to the festival.  we hooked up the airstream and headed to wimberley.  we packed post hole diggers, cordless drills, screws and concrete mixing tub etc.  big plans we had!

it was drizzling on the way down.  we were prepared to spend some time relaxing while it rained on and off....  but the on button seemed to be stuck and we saw little off. 

got the airstream in with no problems but getting my mom's little teardrop trailer in didn't go so well.  the 8k lb excursion got stuck, even in 4wd.

it must have rained 4 inches.

we had a nice camp fire, a fine meritage, some salmon, cheese crackers etc.  life was good but soggy. 

mom and the kids played uno.

the rain eventually stopped, for a few minutes.

we did some gardening and tree removal the next morning.  mostly we worked at liberating our stuck truck.

we ALMOST got it out. 

time to call in for reinforcements

my mom took the kids back to austin.  it was so relaxing and suddenly the urgency to get unstuck was gone!

while we waited for AAA to send a truck with a winch... 

we enjoyed a Marzen and chicken/almond/appricot salad sandwich.  YUM!

tore up that field pretty good we did.  as you can see there was no dragging that airstream out of there.  will return early this week to try and get it home so I can finish the bathroom cabinet rebuild in time for camping next weekend!  we did manage to get mom's teardrop home. so much for avoiding the mud and rain this weekend.

(the three pics below need to be stitched together but the software that came w/ my camera doesn't like my computer)

teardrop trailer

update: I went back down on tuesday and used a chain and a "come along" to drag the airstream over the muddy section till I could drag it with the truck. safely in my driveway now..


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the best free acl show I saw...

I look forward to Austin City Limits festival all year.  I have grand ideas of spending three full days in zilker park marking shows off my list and drinking beer.  but, each year I fail to live up to my own schedule.  it is not easy to keep the entire family up to my speed and level of interest.  and there have been transportation and weather related complications.  I was evaluating my list and schedules when I noticed that my daughter's favorite ACL band, blitzen trapper, was playing friday 1:30 PM and I was really looking fwd to medeski, martin and wood at 2:30.  my daughter elected to NOT miss half a day of school to catch blitzen trapper.  so I sold our tix for about $500, thank you craigslist.  AND I found that Broken Social Scene were playing a FREE aftershow at the new seaholm power plant, sponsored by WOXY.  WOXY has just relocated to austin and I am thankful for this.


the DJ was doing pretty good.  but later in the evening he was not doing so well.  at one point he had The Cure: Just Like Heaven going and the audience erupted in sing-along manner.  then about a minute into the song he promptly lifted the needle and changed the song; no mixing.  just stopped.  later this sing along resumed to The Violent Femmes: Blister in the Sun.  this time he managed to bump the table a few times so the needle bounced all over.  disapointment is the word I would use.

we did get a great performance from Corto Maltese and the Generationals

Corto Maltese really rocked.  a great show.  the generationals sounded great but they admitted they were a bit surprised at the size of the audience, "we didn't realize there would be so many people here.  we are yet ANOTHER band that IS NOT broken social scene".  they managed to warm up by the end of the set and even managed a smile or two and almost made eye contact with a few audience members. the girl on drums was kickin' it pretty good, but I'll admit I have a thing for chicks on drums.

broken social scene played like they came to work hard.  a great show!  my crappy point and shoot managed to screw up almost every pic I took.  iphone saved the day (pic above from iphone).  I noticed the girl next to me was getting some great pics and video.  I'll link her upload!  my waterproof/shock proof camera has proved itself once again useless except for kayaking excursions.


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