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the best free acl show I saw...

I look forward to Austin City Limits festival all year.  I have grand ideas of spending three full days in zilker park marking shows off my list and drinking beer.  but, each year I fail to live up to my own schedule.  it is not easy to keep the entire family up to my speed and level of interest.  and there have been transportation and weather related complications.  I was evaluating my list and schedules when I noticed that my daughter's favorite ACL band, blitzen trapper, was playing friday 1:30 PM and I was really looking fwd to medeski, martin and wood at 2:30.  my daughter elected to NOT miss half a day of school to catch blitzen trapper.  so I sold our tix for about $500, thank you craigslist.  AND I found that Broken Social Scene were playing a FREE aftershow at the new seaholm power plant, sponsored by WOXY.  WOXY has just relocated to austin and I am thankful for this.


the DJ was doing pretty good.  but later in the evening he was not doing so well.  at one point he had The Cure: Just Like Heaven going and the audience erupted in sing-along manner.  then about a minute into the song he promptly lifted the needle and changed the song; no mixing.  just stopped.  later this sing along resumed to The Violent Femmes: Blister in the Sun.  this time he managed to bump the table a few times so the needle bounced all over.  disapointment is the word I would use.

we did get a great performance from Corto Maltese and the Generationals

Corto Maltese really rocked.  a great show.  the generationals sounded great but they admitted they were a bit surprised at the size of the audience, "we didn't realize there would be so many people here.  we are yet ANOTHER band that IS NOT broken social scene".  they managed to warm up by the end of the set and even managed a smile or two and almost made eye contact with a few audience members. the girl on drums was kickin' it pretty good, but I'll admit I have a thing for chicks on drums.

broken social scene played like they came to work hard.  a great show!  my crappy point and shoot managed to screw up almost every pic I took.  iphone saved the day (pic above from iphone).  I noticed the girl next to me was getting some great pics and video.  I'll link her upload!  my waterproof/shock proof camera has proved itself once again useless except for kayaking excursions.


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