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you can't escape your destiny

so we sold our ACL tix, got some $ to put towards our wimberley project.  we were relieved that we did not have to worry about rain and mud like all the people headed to the festival.  we hooked up the airstream and headed to wimberley.  we packed post hole diggers, cordless drills, screws and concrete mixing tub etc.  big plans we had!

it was drizzling on the way down.  we were prepared to spend some time relaxing while it rained on and off....  but the on button seemed to be stuck and we saw little off. 

got the airstream in with no problems but getting my mom's little teardrop trailer in didn't go so well.  the 8k lb excursion got stuck, even in 4wd.

it must have rained 4 inches.

we had a nice camp fire, a fine meritage, some salmon, cheese crackers etc.  life was good but soggy. 

mom and the kids played uno.

the rain eventually stopped, for a few minutes.

we did some gardening and tree removal the next morning.  mostly we worked at liberating our stuck truck.

we ALMOST got it out. 

time to call in for reinforcements

my mom took the kids back to austin.  it was so relaxing and suddenly the urgency to get unstuck was gone!

while we waited for AAA to send a truck with a winch... 

we enjoyed a Marzen and chicken/almond/appricot salad sandwich.  YUM!

tore up that field pretty good we did.  as you can see there was no dragging that airstream out of there.  will return early this week to try and get it home so I can finish the bathroom cabinet rebuild in time for camping next weekend!  we did manage to get mom's teardrop home. so much for avoiding the mud and rain this weekend.

(the three pics below need to be stitched together but the software that came w/ my camera doesn't like my computer)

teardrop trailer

update: I went back down on tuesday and used a chain and a "come along" to drag the airstream over the muddy section till I could drag it with the truck. safely in my driveway now..


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