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garner, again oct-2009

airstream 1968 overlander

the stars are so bright once you get away from the city. 

I have my new bathroom plumbed and cabinetry is mostly complete, will post airstream interior pics soon.

nights were cool and a big campfire was a great backdrop for evening revelry.

kids toasted smores and played in the fire as well.

garner, painted rock

hiked up to painted rock.

old baldy, garner

I hope to hike up "old baldy" on a future camp/hike trip.

going down is often slower than going up.  it was a bit steep with loose rocks.  kat has mountain goat like ability to make a good pace.  daughter is as able as her mother.

holly has a bit less mountain goat in her.  she is good at landing safely while making the most delightful chicken squeak sounds, "braaaah-aah".

garner rope swing

the kids were really looking forward to visiting their favorite rope swing.  it was a bit chilly in the shade so their human pendulum actions didn't occupy much time.

dirty but happy

dirty boy is a happy boy

boys throwing rocks

these two could have thrown rocks all day long.  and we probably could have sat drinking beer and watching all day long too.  but we ran out of beer before they ran out of rocks.


when it is 100 degrees outside there is no better place to soak than in these natural pools.

I'll be watching you...

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