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vintage bmw all over texas vineyards

loaded up the kids and hit the back roads with a group of vintage BMW enthusiasts. 

hilly country rd to kendalia

the 1973 bmw 2002tii ran perfectly.  loves those open stretches and twisty sections of open rural roads.

my mom and my #1 son followed in her 1969 bmw 2002

s turns

car enthusiasts dream of perfect weather days like this on open roads.

arrived at the sister creek winery in sisterdale.

at least 14 vintage bmw participated. 

mostly american oak

texas wines seem to be improving.

tim's 2002tii

roadkill avoidance is a necessary skill on the back roads. 

vintage bmw caravan

camp verde

stopped at the camp verde general store for lunch.  portions were huge and prices were low.  looks like a vintage american car group was enjoying the weather as well.

1973 bmw 2002tii

the tii cleaned up nicely for the event.  I need regular car events to get me motivated to catch up on maintenance and remember the joy of driving a vintage car.

back in the car for more driving.

must have covered over 200 miles including two wineries, a lunch stop and back to austin.

lined up the cars once again at the scenic singing water winery.

singing water winery

they had a fantastic deck and lounge area complete with a playscape for the kids.

terry sayther in action

just to prove that the world famous terry sayther does still get his hands dirty with old bmw cars....   mom lost the key to her gas cap.  they grabbed terry for help.  he sprang into action to lend a hand. 

no vintage caravan would be complete without some mechanical issue.  we were fortunate that a lost key was the worst on this outing.  as we pulled out of this gas station in boerne a young guy in a big truck told me, "go back to austin".   and of course I did oblige, and happy to do so.

for bill and joy

kat was so amused to find this at boerne, she had to buy it.  reminded her of some friends.

garden abundance

with all the rain we had recently the garden has started to kick into overdrive. 

on sunday I went and put in some hours on the wimberley weekend cabins, no pics just yet.  real progress is being made.


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