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November 30, 2009

wimberley glass works for black friday

not sure who these three were, but they had a great sound.  also enjoyed some appetizers and wine while we waited for the demonstration.

several layers of clear glass are added and excess is dripped off to be recycled.

adding color chips

a lot of teamwork, very well choreographed.

the globe is transfered.

the hole is opened up and this became a platter!  I missed the final product shot as I ducked outside to check on kat and the boys.  #1 son was uninterested in all this as he insisted he'd seen it all on How It's Made

examples of their beautiful platters can be seen on the WGW link below:


the chandelier above is from their new line of lighting fixtures due out soon. 

wimberley glass works

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beaten by rain and dead batteries, cabina azul y verde

we spent black friday day at home depot and laying the t&g subflooring for cabin #2

saturday and sunday had us busy with framing and some sheathing.

cedar pergola for porch of cabin #1 is taking shape.

these two girls worked hard this weekend!  I had hoped to get the roofing up before the rain started last night.  we finally gave up as we ran out of batteries.  we did manage to cover up the OSB with plastic sheeting before taking off for a few days.

we now have cabina azul and cabina verde!

came home and applied LED lights to our new made in china fake christmas tree.


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smoked turkey

I brined the big bird in a salty garlic greek yogurt mixture.  then it was 3 hrs in the smoker, with a tall sapporo shoved into it's opening, followed by a few hrs in the oven.  (additional oven time was probably unecessary but we went bargain hunting while it was in the smoker and I wasn't there to verify it hit the target temp.  twiced cooked turkey is probably drier than once cooked, yet it was surprisingly not bad) 

it was a thanksgiving potluck with friends.

tie wearing hippie with truffle oil

this hippie tried to fancy himself up with a tie and dress up his soup with white truffle oil...

great food, drink and friends were abundant.

baby with a keg

blister in the sun

even had a sing-along with "blister in the sun"


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November 23, 2009


I cut down the old construction door from austinmodhouse to fit the cabin.  testing paint colors and we are not settled on this cranberry, looks a bit too much like purple.  also have decided to paint the hardie that is up high around that window in white. 


kat worked hard at applying insulation.

the inside really feels like being indoors!  she is ready to start the finish details and get it cleaned up.  I have it prewired for LED lights and have a small AGM battery to power them (will be charged via solar)

mount baldy- wimberley 

we set off to climb mount baldy, a few blocks from our cabin.

that was a steep climb up, especially with a toddler on me.

our cabin is among those trees down there, just beyond those buildings.



we often grab some mexican food when we are on the east side of town.  I could not resist the micheladas when I saw the size of that mug!


kat said "thats GOOD!"  they were much limier and less tomato-y than we make them at home.  and we don't have mugs this big.... yet.

caldo de pescado

she ranked their caldo de pescado up there among the best she's had.  her favorite was found in East LA, but that was a seven seas version.  will return to las cazuelas to try their seafood soup to compare.

we did a second round of the East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T.)

phillipe klinefelter

we enjoyed exploring the magic around Ginko studio and Phillipe Klinefelter's studio.

blacksmith hawkeye

the daughter had insisted we return to the splinter group studios.  hawkeye had promised to make her a shiny thing if we visited again this weekend. 

he kept his word and turned a piece of bronze on the metal lathe.  she was happy to have a unique shiny object all her own. 


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November 16, 2009

hardie har har har

I stumbled on a stack of hardie cement board siding at the local big blue box home project store.  it had been the returned portion of a special order.  normally priced at $12 per board I purchased 17 boards for $50!  kat primed them all.

I applied the last few pieces of solar sheathing (foil faced OSB).  we were moving a bit slow as we had stayed up late with friends.  I will say that if a friend offers you the chance to enjoy a bottle of 2001 shafer cabernet...  take it!  one of the best wines we've had this year.


I call this color, sweat equity gray.

kat enjoyed a Jackson Pollock moment.


we felt good having a large portion of the siding up and mostly dried in.  met our goals for the day, we did. 

construction is starting on the five acres next door to our land in wimberley.  a bobcat was clearing the property line for a power pole.  a big oak had to be removed in the process, but now our driveway is much wider.  they had planned to burn the oak along with all the cedar.  bobcat operator (danny davis) offered to put it on a clearing on our land so I can cut it up for firewood.  the orange flag marks the location of the new power pole that we have no intention of connecting to. 

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November 09, 2009


eco cube at wimberley

we have walls and Structall SIP panel roof up!  not quite dried in as I had hoped to be, but almost there with most technical issues resolved. 

the sliding glass door came unassembled and without instructions.  a lot of hair pulling until it was suddenly obvious how it went together.  then it was a matter of minutes till it was was in and operating.

found him sucking in the city water supply inlet on the airstream.  the cover is somewhat nipple shaped.


fantastic sunset.

we spent some time exploring wimberley restaurants.

bring your own bottle of wine to Linda's.  food was good and VERY affordable

Marco hand tosses all the pizza. his wife made the tiramisu, also BYOB

wimberley cafe

great breakfasts at the wimberley cafe.

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November 02, 2009

typical pumpkin games

pumpkin cleaning

the ritualistic pumpkin sacrifice has it's innards removed by a gang of children.

humanesque faces are carved into it's skin and later burned from the inside.

my sister was visiting from nebraska.

my mom had put a great deal of effort into my daughter's costume choice for this year, Shaak Ti

this was about the only pic I could get of the baby elephant before he ripped the trunk off his head.

shaak ti strikes down anakin skywalker

anakin skywalker tried to spar with shaak ti, her light saber skills were impressive.

jedi elephant boy

little guy is a quick learner and got into the action.

wonder twins

the brother in-law was expressing his team spirit with a little help from the unforgiving texas sun.

spooky house with ghost of holly

went trick or treating in the Lost Creek neighborhood.  this spooky house was a big hit.  they had a prize wheel for those who braved the spookiness.  the daughter won "cold hard cash", was handed a frozen roll of pennies.

box wine

I went to a costume party.  this wine cube was 100% functional. 

also of note was a saucer shaped mylar balloon complete with cloud and falcon.  it was shed early after it became clear that hula hoops worn horizontally make it difficult to get in/out of the house.

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