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scheduling nightmare carnival/guitar/carnival


I found #2 son with his arm shoved up the tail pipe of the 1970 porsche 911.  I think he realized I was not too thrilled about this situation.

mechanical bull

this sunday was the elementary school carnival.... and the daughter's guitar performance.  we'd already purchased a good chunk of tickets when we found the guitar was scheduled in the middle of the carnival time. 

we got 30 minutes of carival fun and then raced across town to the austin guitar school.

a quick costume change

guitar tech

kat tuned her guitar

tony redman, her instructor, arranged to have a friends of his, Kristi Johnston, from the Iron City Souls Shakers take care of the vocals. 

one way or another by blondie.  they had her guitar turned down so she could crank it up for her solo, but this was something new and somehow got lost in the translation, she was also waiting for the drum solo to finish for her guitar part, and somehow they 86'd the drum solo.  but they all did a great job and we were thankful for all these musicians lending  hand for the students to get some real "band" experience.

then we packed up and raced back across town to try and get another 45 minutes of carnival fun in.

nothing says "I love you man" like blasting your friends with laser guns.

I spent some time this past week trying to repair a few of these aging carnival games.  I had a limited success on the repairs. 

kat and I managed to drag ourselves out saturday eve, built to spill at stubb's.  loved seeing them play Untrustable

dainosaur jr also played.  that j. mascis can play guitar!  I was happy they did play freak scene.

wimberley ranchette cabins

I spent a few days getting the wimberley off-grid cabins moving fwd.  we have set a series of goals and I am on target.  I also learned that although it may be much cheaper to buy the 80 lb bags of concrete, not always worth the savings.  it was a lot of work hauling them into the woods over my shoulder and through the mud.

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