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September 28, 2009

repetitive by nature

I find we frequent some of the same places over and over again.  if it ain't broken, don't fix it.  some of the faces do change as friends and family often spend their vacation here and come along for the ride.  this weekend had us hosting a friend from New Jersey.

our pattern is holding strong, we drove straight to guero's from the airport.  the tacos al pastor were tasty as usual and the margaritas were up to par.  Hula has been a consistent success. 

went to a birthday party, treachery of others was playing and still sounding better each time we catch them. 

treachery of others

I found it a bit odd that this guy had one foot that was MUCH hairier than the other, weird.

this guy kept staring at me.  it was crowded in that room so we went back out to hear the band.

mount bonnell was a nice view, again.

south austin gospel project

gospel project played sunday hippie church at maria's taco xpress, the first band we ever saw at hippie church sunday so many years ago

we got there early to get a table close to the band.  this was a luxury that was lost on the kids.

cooling off with margaritas

it was rather hot out so the girls applied margaritas, both internally and externally.

top half of a pumkin.... why not?

pumpkin in all it's glory.... why not?


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September 25, 2009

the kids are running the show at KMBC

the fifth graders at Eanes Elementary have a morning program that takes care of the morning announcements and pledges. schools in texas have two pledges of allegiance, the national and also the pledge to the flag of texas.

they announce what is on the lunch menu, birthdays and made a special request for kids who might have a fever to please stay home, "we'll miss you but we won't miss getting sick".  kids control the cameras, the music (my daughter is on music duty this week), teleprompter etc..  the program is concluded with a "moment of silence".  this time is used to display featured art work from a student and play classical music.  a nice way to start the day of learning.

music director

they have a lot of technology at that school. 


she is enjoying her weekly guitar lessons a great deal.  really likes her teacher, tony redman.

austin school of guitar

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push my button with iron thread

iron thread design buttons

we attended the Iron Thread Design launch party at IF+D; the best party in a furniture store place in the world.

catering was from Hola Aloha

hola alohoa girls

very fresh shaved ice drinks with infused dripping springs vodka etc.  I probably would have appreciated the shaved ice drinks a whole lot more if we weren't having a taste of WINTER.   we had one day this week where we didn't even see 70 degrees outside.  it feels cold.

many nice ottomans and benches with choices of custom made legs, upholstery and buttons, all made here in austin.  local celebrity toni price was also there enjoying the hola aloha and ottomans.  I did not ask to have my picture taken with her, as I am prone to do when I'm out taking pics for you, maybe I needed more hola aloha shaved ice with vodka and lone stars

crabby claws at truluck's

we retreated to truluck's for some fancy crab

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September 21, 2009

getting it shacked up

a few weeks back we visited our property in wimberley and admired the huge oak near the back of the property.  while at home caring for a baby this week, I managed to spend some time on sketchup.  made this scale model and got spousal approval.  should not cost much money or time to get this small pavillion started.  it measures just 8ft x 16ft.

wimberley oak

 we spent sunday clearing ALL the cedars away from that giant oak.  got out the measuring tape, marking paint and post hole digger.  ground was broken!  kat also harvested some agave from austin modhouse to repurpose near the shack foot print, two sago palms too.

it feels great to have a project to work on again.  I get a bit stir crazy when I'm not making something and that land has been making me all itchy to get something started there. 

he roamed about.  enjoyed some watermelon and promptly threw himself into the wild growing rabbit ear cactus bush

we decided there was little choice but to hack it up.  it was not fun trying to pluck all those little stickers out of his skin.

scallion spiral 

most of the weekend was spent relaxing with friends.  kat made scallion cakes.

steelhead in the skillet

steelhead trout (cousin of salmon) is currently plentiful and cheap too!

bowl of lardo

warmed some of the lardo.

lardo and friends

fall like temps had us in the screened room enjoying wine, cheese and company.

daughter had to do an experiment.  milk in a plate, a drop of red food coloring and a drop of green, then add a drop of dish washing detergent...

the colors swirled and spun for about 30 minutes.

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September 14, 2009

the making of the video, quiet company

sunday morning had us up north, the williamson county court house in georgetown.  shooting the video; On Modern Men one of our favorite local bands, Quiet Company

quiet company video shoot

our intention was for the whole family to participate, but when kat and the kids saw the size of the camera and the lights and the crew....  they got cold feet.

williamson county court house

the kids ended up spending the bulk of their mornings with faces burried in the nintendo ds.

I had a small part as an extra.  I've done the extra bit before and I recalled how it involves a lot of standing and waiting.  my past extra gig didn't end so well.  the movie never finished and I had to repossess a vehicle I'd leased the production company (click here to see those pics)


with gorilla gone, will there be hope for man?  austinmodhouse architect mark meyer recognized this relating to ishmael

at close to 1PM the kids were hungry and bored.  I had to ditch out of my part in the video as I'd promised the family a trip to IKEA. 

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get trashed, an evening with the arts

 it rained all day, I sulked all day.  we need and appreciate all the rain, but we have grown used to constant sunshine and playing in the pool when it is hot and sunny.

quattro gnochi

we sought comfort food at Buenos Aires Cafe, Este  the quartet of gnocchi was enjoyable.  the kids really enjoyed plucking out and tasting the different house made gnocchi, the veg was good too.  our server kevin made us feel at home and offered great service.

shepherd's pie 

nothing treats grey, cold and wet like shepherd's pie with some malbec.

we planned to arrive at the trash project at 7:30, advertised time for the event.  we found the streets were clogged and people outside the event displaying signs "event sold out".  it was a free event and we were not easily discouraged.  the gates were locked and people had been chanting "let us in, let us in".  somebody had hinted that there was an opening in the fence between some of the solid waste dept. buildings about 100 yards away.  we ran through the mud and grass and proudly made our way in, the back door!

the bleachers were filled.  despite all the rain, I think they did not anticipate the crowd that showed up.  I had to ditch kat and the kids, go and partly climb some scaffolding to capture a few pics and videos.

then kat and I went to bay6 for the opening of Becoming, new works by Elizabeth Decker

treachery of others

treachery of others played on the back porch, these guys sound better every time we see them.

max sang one song with the band, mom approved.


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rain returns to central texas, blooms follow.

after one of the hottest summers on record and a long draight, we have mild temps and a lot of rain in a short period.  blooms are popping up all over.

texas sage

bees are having to work overtime.

zoysia path

the zoysia has started to return along the custom paver path to the swim-spa.

firecracker fern

firecracker fern is popping!


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September 07, 2009

still not laboring a bit (part B)

 this is a continuation of part A (click if you missed it)

agua fresca

had brunch at la condesa.  kids enjoyed pineapple and mint agua frescas


went to free beer saturday at independence brewing.  my friend hollie was pouring up the refreshments.

zilker park fun.

zilker zephyr

kids and adults enjoyed a relaxing ride around the park on the zilker zephyr

hula hoop champion

and we continue to be satisfied by those tacos that come out of the trailer on south first

and the kids appreciate the freedom to run around while we....  you get the idea.

david's premix entry

if you tuned in last week, you may recall I was working on a premixed margarita recipe and had sent a sample of my last batch to kansas for tasting/testing.  we were at izzoz when I found another premixed afficianado; david.  we talked recipes and he even shared a cup of his latest batch with me.  they claim maria maria has the best margarita in town....  guess I have to try one.


took a short hike along the greenbelt at lost creek.

lost creek/barton creek greenbelt

not a lot of water in the creek, but still nice.  the pretty girls helped too.

ruta maya kid's show

the sunday morning kid's show at ruta maya

mr leebot

entertainment provided by mr leebot

hippie church

sunday morning hippie church.

it was CROWDED and we had not acquired any seating when our food order was up.  the beautiful people above offered to share what limited space they had.  I love the sharing/happy nature of many people in austin.

the band was big fun.

breakfast tacos

#1 son ate an egg and bacon breakfast taco while daughter expressed her new found passion for tacos al pastor.

krause springs

we went to krause springs to beat the heat.  a few other people had the same idea.

krause springs

some rope swing tricks


cliff diving at krause springs

although there was plenty of signage informing patrons of the no jumping from the bluff rule, and everybody has to sign a liability waiver, there was a steady amount of leaping.

the expression on her face says "COLD!"

we found a cave behind the spring fed water fall.

heading into the cave.

used the camera flash to insure no boogey man was lurking in the darkest reaches of the cave.


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not laboring a bit (part A)

we had some friends from Baltimore in for the holiday weekend.  went straight to guero's

tacos al pastor at guero's

introduced them to tacos al pastor and freshly made, hand shaken margaritas.  most of the margaritas I've had on the east/west coasts are way too sweet and used bad tequila.  many people here refer to austin as the "third" coast.

although she normally refuses to eat meat, she had three.  they are that good.

walked up mount bonnell.


hula hut'n it

of course we stopped at hula hut and had those mexonesian shrimp flautas

twinkie inhalation

part of the allure for our red bud island float is the twinkie allowance. 

suited up and ready to let the current take us down stream.

floating on ladybird lake

a problem with taking a camera in the water is that the lens is often blurry/soft from being wet.


had dinner at home.

searing up the calamari steaks

vanessa proudly sporting her WILCO shirt.  we have tickets to see them in a few weeks, looking forward to that, we are.  always a great show.  my wife and I first saw wilco over ten years ago in a small venue south of baltimore, my daughter went along in unborn form.

that stinky blue cheese we love so much

thanks to Michael and Vanessa for having some delicious treats shipped in from Murray's Cheese Shop on bleecker street.  we'll let you know how the lardo is.  and thanks to Jason and Holly for hauling us those olives back from greece.

doctor's orders

just as my doctor ordered, I am still eating loads of salmon.  got a HUGE side from the whole foods flagship store located just blocks from the location of the original whole foods store.

Michael made this delicious peach, and calamari steak salad.

part B (click)


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