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get trashed, an evening with the arts

 it rained all day, I sulked all day.  we need and appreciate all the rain, but we have grown used to constant sunshine and playing in the pool when it is hot and sunny.

quattro gnochi

we sought comfort food at Buenos Aires Cafe, Este  the quartet of gnocchi was enjoyable.  the kids really enjoyed plucking out and tasting the different house made gnocchi, the veg was good too.  our server kevin made us feel at home and offered great service.

shepherd's pie 

nothing treats grey, cold and wet like shepherd's pie with some malbec.

we planned to arrive at the trash project at 7:30, advertised time for the event.  we found the streets were clogged and people outside the event displaying signs "event sold out".  it was a free event and we were not easily discouraged.  the gates were locked and people had been chanting "let us in, let us in".  somebody had hinted that there was an opening in the fence between some of the solid waste dept. buildings about 100 yards away.  we ran through the mud and grass and proudly made our way in, the back door!

the bleachers were filled.  despite all the rain, I think they did not anticipate the crowd that showed up.  I had to ditch kat and the kids, go and partly climb some scaffolding to capture a few pics and videos.

then kat and I went to bay6 for the opening of Becoming, new works by Elizabeth Decker

treachery of others

treachery of others played on the back porch, these guys sound better every time we see them.

max sang one song with the band, mom approved.


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