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getting it shacked up

a few weeks back we visited our property in wimberley and admired the huge oak near the back of the property.  while at home caring for a baby this week, I managed to spend some time on sketchup.  made this scale model and got spousal approval.  should not cost much money or time to get this small pavillion started.  it measures just 8ft x 16ft.

wimberley oak

 we spent sunday clearing ALL the cedars away from that giant oak.  got out the measuring tape, marking paint and post hole digger.  ground was broken!  kat also harvested some agave from austin modhouse to repurpose near the shack foot print, two sago palms too.

it feels great to have a project to work on again.  I get a bit stir crazy when I'm not making something and that land has been making me all itchy to get something started there. 

he roamed about.  enjoyed some watermelon and promptly threw himself into the wild growing rabbit ear cactus bush

we decided there was little choice but to hack it up.  it was not fun trying to pluck all those little stickers out of his skin.

scallion spiral 

most of the weekend was spent relaxing with friends.  kat made scallion cakes.

steelhead in the skillet

steelhead trout (cousin of salmon) is currently plentiful and cheap too!

bowl of lardo

warmed some of the lardo.

lardo and friends

fall like temps had us in the screened room enjoying wine, cheese and company.

daughter had to do an experiment.  milk in a plate, a drop of red food coloring and a drop of green, then add a drop of dish washing detergent...

the colors swirled and spun for about 30 minutes.

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