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push my button with iron thread

iron thread design buttons

we attended the Iron Thread Design launch party at IF+D; the best party in a furniture store place in the world.

catering was from Hola Aloha

hola alohoa girls

very fresh shaved ice drinks with infused dripping springs vodka etc.  I probably would have appreciated the shaved ice drinks a whole lot more if we weren't having a taste of WINTER.   we had one day this week where we didn't even see 70 degrees outside.  it feels cold.

many nice ottomans and benches with choices of custom made legs, upholstery and buttons, all made here in austin.  local celebrity toni price was also there enjoying the hola aloha and ottomans.  I did not ask to have my picture taken with her, as I am prone to do when I'm out taking pics for you, maybe I needed more hola aloha shaved ice with vodka and lone stars

crabby claws at truluck's

we retreated to truluck's for some fancy crab

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