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the making of the video, quiet company

sunday morning had us up north, the williamson county court house in georgetown.  shooting the video; On Modern Men one of our favorite local bands, Quiet Company

quiet company video shoot

our intention was for the whole family to participate, but when kat and the kids saw the size of the camera and the lights and the crew....  they got cold feet.

williamson county court house

the kids ended up spending the bulk of their mornings with faces burried in the nintendo ds.

I had a small part as an extra.  I've done the extra bit before and I recalled how it involves a lot of standing and waiting.  my past extra gig didn't end so well.  the movie never finished and I had to repossess a vehicle I'd leased the production company (click here to see those pics)


with gorilla gone, will there be hope for man?  austinmodhouse architect mark meyer recognized this relating to ishmael

at close to 1PM the kids were hungry and bored.  I had to ditch out of my part in the video as I'd promised the family a trip to IKEA. 

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