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the kids are running the show at KMBC

the fifth graders at Eanes Elementary have a morning program that takes care of the morning announcements and pledges. schools in texas have two pledges of allegiance, the national and also the pledge to the flag of texas.

they announce what is on the lunch menu, birthdays and made a special request for kids who might have a fever to please stay home, "we'll miss you but we won't miss getting sick".  kids control the cameras, the music (my daughter is on music duty this week), teleprompter etc..  the program is concluded with a "moment of silence".  this time is used to display featured art work from a student and play classical music.  a nice way to start the day of learning.

music director

they have a lot of technology at that school. 


she is enjoying her weekly guitar lessons a great deal.  really likes her teacher, tony redman.

austin school of guitar

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