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March 30, 2020

Shelter In Place but Bike In Park

saddest birthday ever 

March 2020 is a really crappy time for a birthday. I don't blame him one bit for his disappointment. 

march 2020 is not a good time for a birthday 

empty skatepark austin virus march 2020 

I got caught taking pics again.... 

spring 2020 virus bike zilker park austin bluebonnets

I was a bit bummed when they issued the Shelter In Place order. Then I found that outdoor exercise is allowed as long as Social Distancing (I'm getting tired of hearing that word) is practiced. I rode my bike to Zilker and all around it. I found this nice patch of bluebonnets. They don't care about all the human troubles. They are thriving. 

downtown austin view from zilker park march 2020 

kat on bike and happy before the uphill return 

I told Kat how great it is to ride the bike for shopping. She was happy going to Trader Joe's (downhill). She was not so happy with me when we went home (uphill). 

amazon pantry delivery  

We are trying some of the various shelter tactics we see other people doing. I found beans! We are good for a while now. 


the high road 78746 austin 

I took the 951 on the scenic route to HEB and stopped by a friends house for a no contact beer trade.  

heb westlake 78746 porsche 951 guards red turbo 

zero contact beer trade 

That's a bag full of Other Half IPA and Monkish IPA. It's going to be an extra hoppy week.  

Virtual Happy Hour is a bright spot in my day. It's a challenge to keep the topic away from the Virus. I also try to moderate so people don't talk over each other. I'm enjoying my role as a host, or therapist, "Ok Scott, is there anything you'd like to share with the group today? Christopher, how was your day, can you tell us about it?..."

virtual friends spring 2020 virus happy hour 

virtual happy hour

facetime hppy hour 

louisiana virtual hh 

Kat isn't much of a fan. But she did join in for one smaller VHH. 


virtual friend jack lederhosen white claw 

Kat has run out of patience with Jack and his White Claws. He's been sent back to the garage. 

March 22, 2020

Virtual Happy Hour of spring 2020, virus social distancing

This week is typically filled with pics of my friends and I enjoying life, music, all the food and beverage Austin can offer us. This year, is none of that. I resolved to host a daily happy hour. At 6PM I have my beer ready for opening and I facetime the characters that should be here. 

virtual happy hour 2020 virus sxsw

virtual cheers happy hour sxsw austin virus

Virtual Cheers! 

(disregard the band-aid on my thumb. I might have put a big hole in it and suffered a notable blood loss, but I didn't let that stop me so don't let it cause you any pause)

friends sxsw 2020 

facetime happy hour sxsw 2020 

facetime virus cocktail 2020 


We also shared a few in person beers my Mom brought back from Louisiana, Jucifer and Braincake. 

braincake ipa parish  

moose the daschund 

goji the japanese chin  

AMH austin mod house at night  

and that's it.... now we live in a sort of state of suspension. Just waiting to see what happens next....


spring break 2020 with the virus trying to sneak up on us

the last happy hour sxsw 2020 austin virus 


We had one last in person happy hour once everything shut down.

heb virus control spring 2020 westlake  


 I rode my bike to HEB to get groceries 


Pinthouse Pizza craft beer IPA  


I enjoyed the latest special release from Pinthouse, Motionless Drift, it's really good.  (The glass straw can be found from etsy vendor unTossed. )


first day of spring zilker park virus 2020 


 Spring Equinox. I rode my bike to zilker park and back. It wasn't as difficult as I had feared. I stopped at Trader Joe's and purchased some roses. Yeah, there's a spooky virus among us. But don't forget to stop and smell the roses while you can.

my new happy hour friend jack 


I may be starved for in-person friends at this point. Jack (my new friend) says this social distancing is all BS and we don't need no stinking masks. But Jack drinks White Claw, so I'm not sure I should trust him.


March 16, 2020

SXSW cancellation, and next up, everything cancelled...

First.... let's look at some fun 3D shapes I made in my metal art class. Take a deep breath, and slowly exhale. Everything is going to be OK.

acc metal art class 3d shapes

This is the week I'm usually out with friends enjoying SXSW. Austin is currently a ghost town. We are trying to make the most of it.


We observed the obligatory $700 shopping excursion. We won't starve.... or go thirsty. We did hit a few happy hours before places started to close. It's not been a bad week.

I was not happy when AISD suddenly closed. I was scheduled to work that day. It would've involved a big pay increase as the pay rate is determined by the number of jobs completed. And schools just extended spring break by two more weeks.

So here are a few fun pics from the last week as the city starts to shut down.

freak show austin museum of the weird

creature from the black lagoon austin museum of the weird 

king kong austin museum of the weird 

pinthouse pizza happy hour 

PHP HH austin 


mesquite tree west lake hills austin 78746

cat tail mustache 

vintage thorens td316 turntable yellow luna vinyl 

Enjoying music at home. 

platinum blonde 

sxsw 2020 downtown austin virus 

sxsw covid19 ghost town austin is closed 

ra sushi happy hour austin 

peche austin french 75 happy hour  

The Last Happy Hour in Austin.... maybe the world.

the last sxsw 2020 happy hour austin 

bone marrow peche austin 

The last meal out... might as well order the bone marrow. 

whole fried snapper  

Excellent fried whole snapper at home, and some delicious NEIPA. 

let's talk about craft beer ipa 

austin skatepark

#2 son is still learning his skateboard.  


On top of all the virus concerns.... THIS light bulb is out... what a fun time to be alive.  At least I'm keeping cool....

no fever 98.1F

virus zombie hydration mask

I may become a zombie, but my face will be hydrated.

rooster at the glory hole watercolor 

My wonderful daughter made this for my birthday. 


March 09, 2020

93 Bronco time again!

 bronco souther heights ipa

One of our favorite local OJ themed IPA was released again,  93 Bronco, The release event featured footage of OJ on the LA highway as the police trailed. 

southern heights ipa neipa austin  bronco julius clone ipa 

southern heights austin crawfish boil 

Kat enjoyed the crawfish. 

smash bros tournament austin wlhs  

#1 son hosted a gamer tournament here at the house. Several stations were set up and they spent the day on Smash Bros.  

gojiera the japanese chin stepdog goji

Stepdog Goji is here for a brief stay while his Mom makes a quick business trip to Dallas. 


I had been unsuccessful in starting the mower this spring. This yard is hard on mowers as there are many stumps that sneak up on it. I eventually took the carb apart as best I could, reassembled as best I could, and it started right up. 

old porsche stable 

The Throttle Position Sensor on the 951 was not cooperating. I disconnected it, cleaned all the contacts and put it back together. It's working correctly again.

Unofficial SXSW starts up later this week. I think it's going to be an interesting time to be alive. 


March 01, 2020

Leap Day Cassoulet and Spring weeds

My chore this week was to create a cassoulet. It was great occasion for a dinner party to open some of our nicer red wines before temperatures creep back up.

cannelini beans 

Cannelini beans, Pork Ragout, and a whole bunch of Duck Confit.  

pork ragout 

crispy duck skin crunch

Topped with bread crumbs and crispy duck skin.  


It turned out well and we feasted.  

cassoulet and napa cabernet 

I had a request for a fire in the screen room. We made it a good one. 

screen room fireplace on leap day

It was a good evening. 

Mexican Plum Tree bloom west lake hills 78746 

Spring is about here. Trees are blooming and the weed yard is getting tall. I tried to get my mower started today. It's not cooperating. 

Jones Center Contemporary art austin tx 

The current exhibit at the Contemporary is really good. Don't skip 

Nicole Eisenman: Sturm und Drang

February 27 – August 16, 2020