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February 24, 2020

How do you take your Porsche? EV? Diesel? Black, White... RED?

porsche austin taycan ev turbo unveil 

PCA invited us to the Porsche of Austin Taycan unveil party. 

porsche taycan turbo austin ev 

$162k of super fast EV. 

porsche of austin pca event 

BMW X5 35D diesel

We finally had a sunny day. We got the X5 35D detailed and we made a quick trip to Houston where we broke a few sales staff hearts by walking away from everything.

red porsche diesel tractor red fendi suede purse

The RED Porsche did match her quite well. 

black porsche

The BLACK Porsche was an even better match. 

white porsche cayenne

I really liked the WHITE one, but Kat was not sold on the color of the seats (they did match her purse).

houston ghost pepper taiwanese chinese hot beef soup 

What excited Kat the most was exploring Houston's diverse Asian culture. I had her pick the restaurants and do some shopping as well. 

ghost pepper chinese beef noodle soup houston 

houston chinatown one dragon crispy pork buns 

My favorite was One Dragon. Their soupy dumplings and crispy pork buns were delicious. 

houston asian grocery store 

"Everything IS BIGGER IN TEXAS! This is the largest Asian grocery store I've ever seen!", she was so excited.

hong kong market houston chinatown 

"you better get me out of here before I buy everything!" 

85c salted caramel coffee houston chinatown 

We stopped at my favorite Taiwanese coffee shop, 85C on the way out of town. 

AISD employee 

I work for AISD. I got the daughter hired on as well. She goes to work with me each Friday. Her first job! 

February 17, 2020

It was a bloody Valentine...

my bloody valentine 2020

#2 son had this Valentine's Day plan in the works for a LONG time. We heard about it a week before. He had been shopping for fake blood on Amazon. I didn't ask why... he ended up waiting until the last minute, then asked me to run him to Walmart. I can tell you, the manager at Walmart will laugh at you if you go in looking for fake blood the night before Valentine's Day. "It's not Halloween!" he said with a cackle. Our friend Connie was there to save his plans. She knew that party city stocks fake blood all year long...

bloody valentine 

He put a little blood in Ziploc bags, and gave those out at school. He also got a prize in the school Valentine's dance. He would've received a prize for the costume contest as well. They informed him that he was disqualified due to already winning in the dance contest. Too much winning is not allowed? 

hcms valentines eanes

blood for valentine's day

valentine's day in rollingwood park

Kat asked that I take her for a walk in a park for Valentine's day. We went to Rollingwood Park as it's near and easy. The weather was really nice. Kat enjoyed the swing set, going higher, and higher.. 

swingset at rollingwood park 78746 austin 

vday walk in the park 

happy kat 

Craft Beer Rooftop Deck blind IPA tasting:

craft beer blind tasting austin modern rooftop deck

Four different IPA in glasses numbered 1-4. We each made notes on preference, and tried to identify what was in each glass. 

king sue tupps ddh other half noonwhistle ipa  

Guess who successfully identified each one? 

craft beer tasting winner 

That's right... KAT scored 100%. 

four for four winner  

austin chinese american  

Austin Chinese American Network festival. Kat got to spend time with her people.

acan austin chinese american network 

matcha green tea layer cake  

I enjoyed the matcha (green tea) layered crepe cake. 

metal art acc riverside 

Things are heating up in my metal art class. I made two sections of square tube (each tube was made from four flats). Then I joined those together. I was happy with the welds. The thing below was made from eight individual coupons (small flat pieces we use for practice welds).

welding class acc austin riverside 

goji and step family 

Goji went home. #2 son was a bit sad to say goodbye to his friend. 

goji #gojierathejapanesechin 

February 10, 2020

Time waits for no man, woman, or Goji

#1 son had another birthday. We thought airpods would be a good gift. He seemed slightly annoyed. He's happy with his cheap $10 bluetooth headphones... I don't think he's opened the airpods to try them. 


The food at Plucker's has been super inconsistent. Our wings came soggy and room temperature. The price was super low (redeem birthday meal), so we continue to return. I still hope they would have a dedicated food runner to get people the food in a more timely manner.  

wimberley blanco river rapids

A quick trip to check on our river property in Wimberley.  

welding metal art austin community college acc riverside

My metal art class this semester is all about acetylene torch skills. I spend hours a week, holding a torch in one hand and a brazing rod in the other. 

snow in austin porsche 944 

We found a light dusting of snow. It didn't last long.

#gojithejapanesechin stepdog goji chin 

Goji spends 22-23 hours a day like this. If he's standing, it's to watch me in the kitchen. He dislikes going outside. I have to pick him up, carry him out. He wastes no time to takes care of business, and then runs to the door, wanting back indoors.

porsche 911 

We are looking to replace our X5. Kat was in an all white sort of mood, so we matched vehicles to her attire. 

porsche cayene 

Food and Beverage pics below...

chinatown westlake sushi chef jorge

Sushi from Chef Jorge at Chinatown. 

other half triple cream ipa  

Other Half Brewing Triple Cream was a special treat. 

seafood tower perry's austin  

A birthday gathering for a friend, at Perry's was enjoyed. A long table filled with seafood towers, tomahawk steaks and all the foods.

smash bros tournament cookie cake 

A custom Smash Bros cookie cake for the tournament #1 son hosted.  


February 03, 2020

For transportation, and a few rooftop and patio parties.

Now that he finished the custom artwork on his skateboard, it was time to ride. He researched the nearest skate park, and went twice this weekend.  

austin skateboard park 

"I'm not doing this just to be COOL, I want it for transportation". I guess he's planning to go places....

skate park austin central 

He also completed a fun video of the build process for his skateboard.  

sway west lake hills thai rooftop bar austin 78746

SWAY Westlake had their one year anniversary party. The rooftop was all open bar, with DJ and photo-booth. 

sway DJ austin rooftop party 

sway thai austin westlake

They had a few specials for the event in the restaurant downstairs. While it was good, and SPICY, the salt level was way high.  

paul schuster  

rooftop party amh 

The weather has been perfect. Low humidity and highs in the mid to upper 70's. I cleaned off our rooftop deck. Goji-Momma brought back some Turning Point from her trip to Dallas. We enjoyed some TIPA up there.  

goji momma 

austin modhouse 78746 

It was a clear sky night for sure.  

310 West monroe st austin tx 78704 

We often tour open houses. Seldom do we find one we like, don't have things we would change. Or one that has all the features we would want from a home. 310 W Monroe (78704) was a really nice home.  


lin asian austin  

Our Super Bowl Sunday tradition of eating out often involves a few snags. We had carefully selected a restaurant that didn't have TVs, only to find a note on the door stating they closed for the occasion. There had been no notice posted to social media, their website, or even their answering machine. But things ended well as we were near Lin. Kat had wanted to take the family out for soupy dumplings, and these are the best in town.  

lin dim sum austin asian 

steamed soupy dumplings lin austin texas chinese 

soupy dumpling austin texas lin