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Time waits for no man, woman, or Goji

#1 son had another birthday. We thought airpods would be a good gift. He seemed slightly annoyed. He's happy with his cheap $10 bluetooth headphones... I don't think he's opened the airpods to try them. 


The food at Plucker's has been super inconsistent. Our wings came soggy and room temperature. The price was super low (redeem birthday meal), so we continue to return. I still hope they would have a dedicated food runner to get people the food in a more timely manner.  

wimberley blanco river rapids

A quick trip to check on our river property in Wimberley.  

welding metal art austin community college acc riverside

My metal art class this semester is all about acetylene torch skills. I spend hours a week, holding a torch in one hand and a brazing rod in the other. 

snow in austin porsche 944 

We found a light dusting of snow. It didn't last long.

#gojithejapanesechin stepdog goji chin 

Goji spends 22-23 hours a day like this. If he's standing, it's to watch me in the kitchen. He dislikes going outside. I have to pick him up, carry him out. He wastes no time to takes care of business, and then runs to the door, wanting back indoors.

porsche 911 

We are looking to replace our X5. Kat was in an all white sort of mood, so we matched vehicles to her attire. 

porsche cayene 

Food and Beverage pics below...

chinatown westlake sushi chef jorge

Sushi from Chef Jorge at Chinatown. 

other half triple cream ipa  

Other Half Brewing Triple Cream was a special treat. 

seafood tower perry's austin  

A birthday gathering for a friend, at Perry's was enjoyed. A long table filled with seafood towers, tomahawk steaks and all the foods.

smash bros tournament cookie cake 

A custom Smash Bros cookie cake for the tournament #1 son hosted.  


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