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For transportation, and a few rooftop and patio parties.

Now that he finished the custom artwork on his skateboard, it was time to ride. He researched the nearest skate park, and went twice this weekend.  

austin skateboard park 

"I'm not doing this just to be COOL, I want it for transportation". I guess he's planning to go places....

skate park austin central 

He also completed a fun video of the build process for his skateboard.  

sway west lake hills thai rooftop bar austin 78746

SWAY Westlake had their one year anniversary party. The rooftop was all open bar, with DJ and photo-booth. 

sway DJ austin rooftop party 

sway thai austin westlake

They had a few specials for the event in the restaurant downstairs. While it was good, and SPICY, the salt level was way high.  

paul schuster  

rooftop party amh 

The weather has been perfect. Low humidity and highs in the mid to upper 70's. I cleaned off our rooftop deck. Goji-Momma brought back some Turning Point from her trip to Dallas. We enjoyed some TIPA up there.  

goji momma 

austin modhouse 78746 

It was a clear sky night for sure.  

310 West monroe st austin tx 78704 

We often tour open houses. Seldom do we find one we like, don't have things we would change. Or one that has all the features we would want from a home. 310 W Monroe (78704) was a really nice home.  


lin asian austin  

Our Super Bowl Sunday tradition of eating out often involves a few snags. We had carefully selected a restaurant that didn't have TVs, only to find a note on the door stating they closed for the occasion. There had been no notice posted to social media, their website, or even their answering machine. But things ended well as we were near Lin. Kat had wanted to take the family out for soupy dumplings, and these are the best in town.  

lin dim sum austin asian 

steamed soupy dumplings lin austin texas chinese 

soupy dumpling austin texas lin  



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