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CNY and a week of Goji

lake forest mall chinese new year 2020

I'd found a SUPER cheap flight to DC ($129 R/T). Kat jumped on it and used the opportunity to spend Chinese New Year with her parents. Her brother and his daughter were also there. They all  had a great visit.

#gojithejapanesechin #gojira  

I spent my week caring for Goji. 


These two really like each other. 

goji the japanese chin loves fresh scallops #japanesechin 

I spoiled him with fresh scallops and chicken every evening. 

skateboard deck art 

#2 son mastered the bicycle, roller skates, inline skates, Heelys (shoes with wheels in the heels)... next up for his wheeled transportation conquest... skateboard. He wanted a deck of his own design. He bought one from amazon and we stripped the graphics from it. We sanded and primed and he applied his own artwork. It's time for reassembly.

metal art acc 

A few years back I decided I should pursue the metal sculpture class at ACC. Metal art was a prerequisite for that class. Design Two was a prerequisite for Metal Art, and of course you can't get into Design Two without Design One. Next Fall, I will finally be able to take the Metal Sculpture class... This semester is my last prerequisite, Metal Art.

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