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Burgundy Chicken Feet

riedel burgundy wine glass dinner 

A friend received a set of Riedel Burgundy glasses for Christmas, He organized a dinner to properly utilize them. He opened several Burgundy wines from his collection.  

burgundy wine glasses steak dinner

Tenderloin was a great pairing. I LOVED the potatoes au gratin as well. 

beef tenderloin filet burgundy wine dinner

chickenfeet at php

Kat has discovered chicken feet in a convenient package. It's a game changer for her. 

spicy seafood hotpot 

We had hot pot. We tried a spicy seafood broth mix we bought at 99 Ranch. It proved too spicy and salty. Next time we'll just make our own broth from scratch. 

stepdog gojira chin japanese dog 

Step-Dog Goji is staying with us. We are spoiling him so good.  

jewelry repair  

The daughter can also repair jewelry.  

royal mail surplus bag  

#2 son has developed his own style. He also has an affection for odd things. His Royal Mail (surplus) bag complements his skate punk androgynous motif. Friends have suggested he should be in a GAP ad.

"it's a hat!" costco 

Kat found a new hat at COSTCO.  


Kay-So MLK day sunset

For MLK day, Kay-So took a moment to reflect as she enjoyed the sunset from the balcony off the Master bath. 


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