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Winter Sun

Kay-So the Tuxedo cat enjoys the winter sun mcm home

The back side of the house is mostly transparent. It's aligned so that Winter sun floods in the morning. The cats really enjoy this as they lounge and soak up all the warmth.  

Kreamer the cat snowshoe siamese feral

Kat and Kreamer sunny sunday modern austin breakfast

wild basin preserve 2020 austin hike trail

Wild Basin Preserve is right here in the neighborhood. It's an easy option for a quick hike on a sunny winter day.  

wild basin preserve creek austin wetlake hiking 

porsche 951 944 turbo guards red austin tx 

I've been using the two Porsche as my daily driver this week. The back seat is a tight squeeze for #2 son, his backpack, his lunch bag and his violin. He's already lost his new lunch bag so that's no longer an issue. Losing his lunch bag is a regular occurrence for him. I'm often tasked with finding it. I want to put a Tile on it. #1 son seems to enjoy the red 951, "that's such a cool car". He's a man of few words, so there was some weight to his comment. It made my day.

porsche 944 austin 78746 

celestial beerworks mount olympus

We are still working through a growlers we hauled back from our Dallas trip.  The deck off the master bath is my favorite spot to enjoy DIPA while the sun sets. Celestial Mount Olympus was really good.

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