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2020 has arrived

I was thrilled to NOT participate for New Year's Eve. I was happy to have a nice meal at home with my family and get into bed by 10;30 PM and not wake up until the first sunrise of 2020.

That's Kat and I, just before retiring.  The last image of of the year, see ya 2019!

craft beer airstream other half triple mylar bags 

Friends Dan and Laura stopped by to share what was one of my favorite beers of 2019, Triple Mylar Bags from Other Half Brewing (Brooklyn). I used a mule to get this beer and it was worth it. We utilized the Craft Beer Airstream. It's good to find a new use for it as we don't camp as often as we used to.

Goji the Japanese Chin in the Craft Beer Airstream 

new years day hair of the dog at darla's house bubbles

New Year's Day! That's when I'll enjoy some Champagne with friends. Darla's annual event was a great gathering of bubbles, lucky foods and friends. We enjoyed Pozole, Black Eyed Peas, Cabbage, Deviled Eggs, and Sesame Balls.


iphone progression to 11 pro 

#2 son needed a phone. We have spent months trying to get one of the spares sorted. We finally solved the problem by buying me a new phone and did some trickle down phone shuffling. I used a friends Apple discount and upgraded to the 11 Pro. The real benefit of the Pro is the triple camera. I'm very happy with the wide angle and its ability to draw details out of shadows and over exposed areas. A good example of that is below. Taking a pic into the sun and still retaining detail with no post edit on my end. Impressive. 

iphone 11 pro wide angle lens  

Weekly Skype with Popo. 

As we steady ourselves to return to a regular schedule of work and school, we packed up all the Christmas decorations this week.


The tree and all the shiny bits are back into storage for another eleven months.

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