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Christmas 2019 pt 3, the Dallas Gathering

mayflower stay alfred rooftop pool downtown view i. m. pei

To conclude Christmas 2019, we rented an apartment Downtown Dallas.  

beto and sons trinity groves 

We met with my Dad for dinner and gift exchange. 

stay alfred mayflower 


dallas mayflower rooftop

We spent a couple evenings with friends. We had a Christmas beer exchange. I brought some Other Half and they brought some Great Raft and Parish beers we can't get in TX. 

great raft celestial beer I told you this would happen can 


celestial beer company dallas picnic  

We had our annual cheese buffet at Cellestial Beerworks. 

cheese picnic 

nasher sculpture dallas art 

We took the kids to the Nasher Sculpture Center for the Elmgreen & Dragset special exhibit. 

nasher dallas art sculpture 

dallas art nasher sculpture 

Elmgreen & Dragset nasher dallas texas  

ip law patent attorney intellectual property turning point brewery dallas

Kat had to deal with an emergency at work. The digital "always connected" world we live in enabled her to put out the fire, with only minor wrinkle in our plan (at Turning Point). She also had her weekly skype with her mom while enjoying chicken wings at Craft Growler.  

craft growler dallas  

It was an easy and relaxing trip to Dallas. 


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