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It was a bloody Valentine...

my bloody valentine 2020

#2 son had this Valentine's Day plan in the works for a LONG time. We heard about it a week before. He had been shopping for fake blood on Amazon. I didn't ask why... he ended up waiting until the last minute, then asked me to run him to Walmart. I can tell you, the manager at Walmart will laugh at you if you go in looking for fake blood the night before Valentine's Day. "It's not Halloween!" he said with a cackle. Our friend Connie was there to save his plans. She knew that party city stocks fake blood all year long...

bloody valentine 

He put a little blood in Ziploc bags, and gave those out at school. He also got a prize in the school Valentine's dance. He would've received a prize for the costume contest as well. They informed him that he was disqualified due to already winning in the dance contest. Too much winning is not allowed? 

hcms valentines eanes

blood for valentine's day

valentine's day in rollingwood park

Kat asked that I take her for a walk in a park for Valentine's day. We went to Rollingwood Park as it's near and easy. The weather was really nice. Kat enjoyed the swing set, going higher, and higher.. 

swingset at rollingwood park 78746 austin 

vday walk in the park 

happy kat 

Craft Beer Rooftop Deck blind IPA tasting:

craft beer blind tasting austin modern rooftop deck

Four different IPA in glasses numbered 1-4. We each made notes on preference, and tried to identify what was in each glass. 

king sue tupps ddh other half noonwhistle ipa  

Guess who successfully identified each one? 

craft beer tasting winner 

That's right... KAT scored 100%. 

four for four winner  

austin chinese american  

Austin Chinese American Network festival. Kat got to spend time with her people.

acan austin chinese american network 

matcha green tea layer cake  

I enjoyed the matcha (green tea) layered crepe cake. 

metal art acc riverside 

Things are heating up in my metal art class. I made two sections of square tube (each tube was made from four flats). Then I joined those together. I was happy with the welds. The thing below was made from eight individual coupons (small flat pieces we use for practice welds).

welding class acc austin riverside 

goji and step family 

Goji went home. #2 son was a bit sad to say goodbye to his friend. 

goji #gojierathejapanesechin 

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