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How do you take your Porsche? EV? Diesel? Black, White... RED?

porsche austin taycan ev turbo unveil 

PCA invited us to the Porsche of Austin Taycan unveil party. 

porsche taycan turbo austin ev 

$162k of super fast EV. 

porsche of austin pca event 

BMW X5 35D diesel

We finally had a sunny day. We got the X5 35D detailed and we made a quick trip to Houston where we broke a few sales staff hearts by walking away from everything.

red porsche diesel tractor red fendi suede purse

The RED Porsche did match her quite well. 

black porsche

The BLACK Porsche was an even better match. 

white porsche cayenne

I really liked the WHITE one, but Kat was not sold on the color of the seats (they did match her purse).

houston ghost pepper taiwanese chinese hot beef soup 

What excited Kat the most was exploring Houston's diverse Asian culture. I had her pick the restaurants and do some shopping as well. 

ghost pepper chinese beef noodle soup houston 

houston chinatown one dragon crispy pork buns 

My favorite was One Dragon. Their soupy dumplings and crispy pork buns were delicious. 

houston asian grocery store 

"Everything IS BIGGER IN TEXAS! This is the largest Asian grocery store I've ever seen!", she was so excited.

hong kong market houston chinatown 

"you better get me out of here before I buy everything!" 

85c salted caramel coffee houston chinatown 

We stopped at my favorite Taiwanese coffee shop, 85C on the way out of town. 

AISD employee 

I work for AISD. I got the daughter hired on as well. She goes to work with me each Friday. Her first job! 

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