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spring break 2020 with the virus trying to sneak up on us

the last happy hour sxsw 2020 austin virus 


We had one last in person happy hour once everything shut down.

heb virus control spring 2020 westlake  


 I rode my bike to HEB to get groceries 


Pinthouse Pizza craft beer IPA  


I enjoyed the latest special release from Pinthouse, Motionless Drift, it's really good.  (The glass straw can be found from etsy vendor unTossed. )


first day of spring zilker park virus 2020 


 Spring Equinox. I rode my bike to zilker park and back. It wasn't as difficult as I had feared. I stopped at Trader Joe's and purchased some roses. Yeah, there's a spooky virus among us. But don't forget to stop and smell the roses while you can.

my new happy hour friend jack 


I may be starved for in-person friends at this point. Jack (my new friend) says this social distancing is all BS and we don't need no stinking masks. But Jack drinks White Claw, so I'm not sure I should trust him.


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