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Virtual Happy Hour of spring 2020, virus social distancing

This week is typically filled with pics of my friends and I enjoying life, music, all the food and beverage Austin can offer us. This year, is none of that. I resolved to host a daily happy hour. At 6PM I have my beer ready for opening and I facetime the characters that should be here. 

virtual happy hour 2020 virus sxsw

virtual cheers happy hour sxsw austin virus

Virtual Cheers! 

(disregard the band-aid on my thumb. I might have put a big hole in it and suffered a notable blood loss, but I didn't let that stop me so don't let it cause you any pause)

friends sxsw 2020 

facetime happy hour sxsw 2020 

facetime virus cocktail 2020 


We also shared a few in person beers my Mom brought back from Louisiana, Jucifer and Braincake. 

braincake ipa parish  

moose the daschund 

goji the japanese chin  

AMH austin mod house at night  

and that's it.... now we live in a sort of state of suspension. Just waiting to see what happens next....



i just happened to come across this blog. you really do seem like an amazing family. i love how much space you allow your children to be themselves.

i read some posts to my girlfriend and she said "don't assume they're so happy" and she's right, this is just some words on the internet and they aren't representative of you irl but i really do love how positive yall are.

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