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SXSW cancellation, and next up, everything cancelled...

First.... let's look at some fun 3D shapes I made in my metal art class. Take a deep breath, and slowly exhale. Everything is going to be OK.

acc metal art class 3d shapes

This is the week I'm usually out with friends enjoying SXSW. Austin is currently a ghost town. We are trying to make the most of it.


We observed the obligatory $700 shopping excursion. We won't starve.... or go thirsty. We did hit a few happy hours before places started to close. It's not been a bad week.

I was not happy when AISD suddenly closed. I was scheduled to work that day. It would've involved a big pay increase as the pay rate is determined by the number of jobs completed. And schools just extended spring break by two more weeks.

So here are a few fun pics from the last week as the city starts to shut down.

freak show austin museum of the weird

creature from the black lagoon austin museum of the weird 

king kong austin museum of the weird 

pinthouse pizza happy hour 

PHP HH austin 


mesquite tree west lake hills austin 78746

cat tail mustache 

vintage thorens td316 turntable yellow luna vinyl 

Enjoying music at home. 

platinum blonde 

sxsw 2020 downtown austin virus 

sxsw covid19 ghost town austin is closed 

ra sushi happy hour austin 

peche austin french 75 happy hour  

The Last Happy Hour in Austin.... maybe the world.

the last sxsw 2020 happy hour austin 

bone marrow peche austin 

The last meal out... might as well order the bone marrow. 

whole fried snapper  

Excellent fried whole snapper at home, and some delicious NEIPA. 

let's talk about craft beer ipa 

austin skatepark

#2 son is still learning his skateboard.  


On top of all the virus concerns.... THIS light bulb is out... what a fun time to be alive.  At least I'm keeping cool....

no fever 98.1F

virus zombie hydration mask

I may become a zombie, but my face will be hydrated.

rooster at the glory hole watercolor 

My wonderful daughter made this for my birthday. 


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